Friday, May 23, 2014

May 22, 2014

        “My chosen souls are truly a joy to My heart.  They strive to please me and fight against their sinful nature to the point of sadness, yet they do not stop the courageous fight until the end of life.  They do not hear constant commendations or supportive words as they bear heavy trials.  They seem to walk alone in the dreary valleys of time.  Yet, I look upon these heroic souls with such love and compassion.  The most holy souls are left to fight the hardest battles with the least amount of human support.

          As Job was tested and tried by the Evil One, these souls struggle and pray, feel confused and abandoned, yet they stay the course, confident in My love for them.  All heaven is watching in admiration, though they feel entirely alone.

          It is a survivor scenario - all alone, trying to survive the harshness of life, yet the world watches them on live television.  It is the same for My saints.  They are using their survivor skills while all of heaven is watching them and cheering them on.  My most faithful souls are severely tested because I have given them more grace to endure.  Their final crowning will be glorious.

          Every soul has a unique survivor course marked out for them.  No two paths are the same.  I have provided all the help you need at the resting stages of the journey.  I ask you to persevere on the journey mapped out for you, for you will be gloriously triumphant and your fidelity thrills My fatherly heart.

          I am proud of you, My faithful ones.  You have not turned away from Me to follow the world.  You have stayed on the road I have chosen for you against all odds.  You will rule and reign with Me forever, for you are a victor.  The victory cries at the end of the road will be beyond all your imaginings.

          Persevere, faithful ones.  I am with you.  “I will never leave you or forsake you.”
Your Father

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