Friday, March 31, 2017

December 1, 2014

          “The tears and heartbreaks of My chosen souls are the channels of blessings that save a selfish world.  My tears fall from the eyes of those conformed to My image, cleansing the world of filth and degradation.  Holy tears are the medicine that changes hardened hearts.  The Holy Spirit weeps holy tears for the children of God.

          Sorrow, pain, crying, and desolation are the bartering money used by souls of goodwill to save souls enmeshed and captured by evil.

          Weep and mourn, Christian souls, for the sins of the world.  Lament for the children running to hell with no one to stop them.  Life is not about fun and entertainment.  Life is a battle to save souls.  Life is a road that leads to sanctity or perdition.

          My Christian followers claim to know and love Me, yet they are found in the houses of folly and mirth, oblivious to the world collapsing around them.  They have turned back in the day of battle.  They have laid down their weapons of prayer and fasting.  They are lukewarm about their testimony in this world, and souls die around them.

          What grief to My heart!  My children hold in their hands the medicine to save the world, yet they ignore this great treasure, Christ, and seek the tinsel and glitter of a deceptive world.

          The path of a true disciple is narrow and hard.  It thrives on self-denial and an effort to forgo the things of earth.  It is found in the house of prayer, the quiet moments spent in God’s presence.

          Time passes so swiftly.  The battle will end soon, children.  Have you abandoned your weapons?  Pick them up again, I beg you.”


Army Captain