Thursday, January 17, 2013

December 17, 2011

          “All that you are is My gift to you.  Never disdain the littlest of your gifts.  Do not criticize your personality, your appearance, your difficulties … you would then be criticizing Me. 

          Do you yet realize that you are My creation?  You didn’t make yourself.  I made you.  Anything you criticize about yourself is a criticism directed toward My judgment in making you.  Can you love what I have so lovingly created?  Can you bask in the gifts I have given you to glorify Me?

          Look at your hands, your feet, your hair, and your eyes.  These are all My gifts.  Your voice, your restless activity, your laugh, your sensitive nature – handpicked by your Creator. 

          My children do not understand the dignity of a child of God.  They are heaven’s royalty, made to be offered in homage to a great King; God, your Father.

          Be healed of this poor image of what I have created so beautifully.  How it limits your love to flow through you like a channel!  You must love the body, the soul, and the spirit that I have created, which is you. 

          You have been lied to and deceived into thinking that you are the product of your own invention, and that product is defective.  That is the lie of Satan to destroy the nobility of My holy ones.

          Be set free of this encumbering limitation.  Rise up as a beautiful bird of great beauty.  Sing to your Maker love songs of joy, marveling at His great ingenuity in making you!”

Admirer of God’s Creative Handiwork

November 7, 2011

          “Each day is a beautiful color woven into the tapestry of your life.  The more colors I weave into your tapestry, the more beautiful it becomes.  You will wear this lovely wedding garment in heaven one day.  How surprised you will be when you truly understand what threads I used to make such a glorious garment!

          The fine silk thread of daily fidelity, your faithfulness to prayer and daily reading, is a fine gold thread that will gleam throughout the garment.  The opalescent pearl of compassion and mercy will cast a shimmery veil, beautiful to behold.  Pearls of great price will be delicately placed, a feast for the eyes - the pearls of kindness, sweetness, courtesy, meekness, humility, and penance.  Then the beautiful jewels of the virtues – the rubies of repentance, the topaz stones of obedience, the sapphires of docility to My will, the diamonds of your great and devoted love for Me.

          On your head will be a diadem of illustrious beauty – the tiara of the adopted child of God, taken from earth among men to exist for the praise of My glory.  On your hands will gleam the diamonds of good works, hands raised in holy prayer, hands raised in blessing others.

          Your feet will be shod in heavenly sandals, flowers of great colors and fragrances - your swift steps to aid others, your steps to church, to prayerful moments with Me.

          I am the great Tailor of heaven.  I adorn My children with beautiful garments of honor.  Let Me dress you in the greatest garment – Myself.  “Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

          My splendor will flow to the nations as I walk this earth again through My chosen ones.”

Tailor of Beauty

October 21, 2012

          “Man seeks to stay contemporary.  What does this mean in heaven’s eyes?  Heaven is the land of infinity.  There is no mad rush to hold time in the hands.  Man has been given a stopwatch.  This watch is pre-set to stop at a certain moment.  No man knows the moment.  He holds the watch in helplessness trying to stop the constant ticking of time.  Only God knows the moment when the alarm will sound – that very last day of life.  At that moment, all activity stops.  All that is undone will remain undone.  All that has happened is recorded.

          This is man’s gift – to make every moment count for eternal values.  Looking back from heaven’s eternal shores, this tiny speck of time in life will seem so trifling when compared to infinity and beyond.

          God’s eyes roam to and fro throughout the earth seeking for wise souls who will redeem the time in these evil days.  To spend time in God’s company buys back time on your stopwatch.  Nothing is ever wasted with God.  He multiplies to infinity.  God is truly abundance in all things.

          My little children of earth, place your hands in Mine and walk through time on earth with Me.  I hold time in My hands.  Let Me teach you about heaven.  Let Me show you God’s face of eternal love.  Let Me mold you into My image by giving yourselves completely to Me, holding nothing back. 

          How glorious an exchange!  You give me your nothingness and I give you infinity.  The greatest minds cannot comprehend this offer.  Only My littlest children who believe in My love for them, who trust Me, and who love Me will be the recipients of eternal treasures.”

Time Holder

September 26, 2011

          “You have a multitude of holy souls in the heavenlies to intercede for you.  Accept their help by acknowledging their vocation.  They are all part of My Mystical Body, interconnected and adhesed together by the Holy Spirit to form My Kingdom of Love.

          Walk with the saints and angels who walk with you.  “You are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses…”  Acknowledge their presence with you.  Ask for their prayers.  Their hearts are still attuned to earth’s cries for mercy.  Their hearts are My heart, in love with My dear children.  They long for My Father’s glory to be manifested on earth.  They are waiting for the redemption of the sons of God, when time will be no more and all will become one in Christ.

          May your conversation truly be in heaven where holiness resides.  May your voices rise in unison to sing out God’s praises among the nations.  May your lives be holy and pure, unspotted by the world and its pleasures.  May your mind be at peace, resting in the love of God.

          My children, get to know your brothers and sisters in heaven eagerly awaiting your arrival.  Speak to them of My love and grace and plead for their intercession.  They have unlimited power with God.  They stand before His throne day and night recounting His praises.  They truly exist for the praise of His glory.  Make them your intimate friends.  Let them help you in your walk of faith.  Speak to them easily, as a child would.  They understand all.  They have My mind. 

          Heaven is full of holy people that love you.  They desire your sanctification.  They pray incessantly for the world.  They suffered the exile of earth and know how to help you on your journey.

          You are all one family.  As you interact, you build on a strong foundation of love and mutual watchcare.  Live in heaven with us.  It is only a prayer away, a glance upward away.”

King of Saints

September 15, 2011

        “Life truly is a vast garden filled with delights.  I walk through the earth inspecting My garden.  Much of earth is full of the weeds of sinfulness and vice.  The enemy has sowed weeds and thorns in My beautiful paradise of love.

          Here and there a beautiful, blooming, fragrant flower stands proudly, blooming gloriously where I have planted her.  She has weathered many storms and resisted the weed’s choking allure.  Her face is lifted to heaven.  She smiles at the Sun who nourishes and sustains her.  The rain has pelted her petals, yet she continuously stands bravely through the storms of life, fulfilling her duty to remain where God has stationed her.  She waits to be noticed by her Creator as He walks through His garden on earth.  Her heart trusts her Creator, for she knows He does all things well.

          The heat withers and distresses her foliage, yet she endures all with firmness of faith.  She is delicate and fragile, yet stronger than all earth’s elements.  Her one desire is to exude a beautiful fragrance, so that when the Master of the garden passes by, He may be pleased.  Her glory is to beautify His glory by resting in His will.

          This is the glory of all saints – to rest in the will of God, whatever that may be.  The uniqueness of each flower will be revealed on that beautiful day when the sons and daughters of God will be translated into the eternal kingdom.  Each flower will receive praise from God. 

          May the Master Gardener make a beautiful bouquet of His faithful flowers to display in the crystal vases prepared for them in heaven.”

Holy Spirit,
the Sustainer of God’s Lovely Garden

July 12, 2012

          “Live this day in union with Me.  Seek My face, gazing upon you to impart My divine attributes to your character.  No two days of your life are exactly the same.  I work behind the scenes, perfecting this, changing that, moving here, leaving nothing undone.  Look for Me everywhere in your day today.  I hide in the most unexpected places.  Acknowledge Me when I appear suddenly to you in a place you would not expect.  I am ignored by My children, yet I work behind the scenes incessantly for their perfection.

          Thank Me as you gaze at the sun; see Me in a child’s face; admire the beauty of water; see Me in the cloud configurations; probe My designs among the flowers and plants of earth; look intensely at your body, a networking miracle of veins and arteries hidden from sight; imagine that I hold each breath in My hand.  Scripture declares:  “By Me all things consist.”  I hold together every atom of the world.  The rotation of your earth is under My control.

          Who notices these grand designs of a loving Savior, a beneficent Creator and Sustainer?  To be thanked and understood is very dear to Me.  Even a parent tires of a child taking all things for granted.

          Thank Me, My dear child, for I have granted you My grace abundantly and lovingly.  I have blessed you by opening up your understanding to My nearness.  I have given you eyes to see and ears to hear.  This is My greatest gift to you.

          Pray for souls walking in darkness surrounded by light.  How they need the prayers of the children of the light!  Ask Me to shine My light abundantly on them.  I will hear your prayer for life for them and I will answer, for I have put that prayer in your heart.”

Prayer Monger

July 11, 2012

          “How beautiful are the thoughts towards Me of My lovely children of grace.  They are like perfumed flowers that I set upon My windowsill of heaven.  They fragrance My home of love awaiting their entrance.  “I go to prepare a place for you,” for “in My Father’s house are many mansions.”  There is room in My heart-house for every child.  Live in the voluminous array of splendor and glory that you will someday possess!  Lay hold of the glory that will be yours eternally.  Bring heaven to earth today.  I am always available to you and when I enter a dwelling, all becomes glory and light and the splendor of heaven.

          Heaven is available to you today, My children, regardless of your circumstances.  Look past what you see with your earthly eyes.  Use your faith glasses to see your eternal joy in the happy City of Love awaiting you!  Think of Me and you will see heaven!  Think of heaven and you will see Me!  I am the heaven you seek.  Joy, glory, peace, fulfillment, bliss, contentment, and hilarity of life are My promised gifts to you.  Come exuberantly to receive them from My hand of kindness.  They are yours for the taking!

          There is no sadness in God.  Abide in God who is fullness of joy to you.”

Joyful Savior

July 8, 2011

          “To open your heart to the silence of the eternal God is to live in heaven’s realm of peace, light, and pure love.  Nature proclaims the glorious peace of God’s order.  In silence, nature stills man’s senses.  Nature points to heaven. 

          Every flower rises from the earth to heaven.  Every tree raises its arms to reach heaven, to praise God for His magnificence.  The clouds hold the dew of heaven, sheltering the earth from the raging sun.  The mist of the Holy Spirit also shrouds man, that the raging justice of God’s perfection will be pacified by the love of the sweet Holy Spirit.

          As you stop in time to listen to the silence of God, life takes on a new color.  You begin to notice the little things of God, the delightful hidden mercies springing up around you.  You notice the color of the sky, the smell of the grass, the sound of the bird’s happy song of love, the swaying of the tree boughs in the breeze.      God’s subtleties overwhelm your senses and you exclaim in wonder:  “God, how could I have been so blind not to notice the wonders of your glorious creation?” 

          God waits eagerly to see if His children notice all the adornments of earth He has so painstakingly dreamed up for them.  The colors of the fish, the hues in the rainbow, the softness of a bird’s wing – these all proclaim God’s tender touch of love.

          God has created a beautiful playground for His children.  He maintains it; He furnishes it with good things; He waters the vegetation from His heavenly vaults.  He looks upon His wondrous world with great delight.  His angels roam silently through the hills and valleys of earth, doing His bidding.

          Night falls and God watches over His sleeping children.  He folds back the covers of the clouds and the moon, His great nightlight, and soothes His children that are afraid of the dark. 

          God’s goodness can only be praised in the silent ponderings of a soul weaned from earth’s glamour.  As My children get back to nature, My face pops up everywhere.”

Creator of All

June 30, 2011

          “An aching heart responds to Love’s demands.  I wait for My children to come to Me.  I never pressure souls.  I give them the freedom to ignore or receive Me.  A true friendship is based on freedom.  To coerce a relationship is counterproductive in every human encounter.  When you have strayed, I receive you affectionately.  When you repent, I forgive you easily and readily.  When you turn to Me in the midst of your daily activities, I respond in happy love to you.

          I never change.  I am peace, love, joy, serenity, and all freedom.  Though your thoughts and emotions change, I remain steadfast in holy lovingkindness.  There should be no fear when you approach Me, for I am mercy, love, and great compassion.

          The door is always open into My presence … always.  I wait lovingly for you to visit Me without distraction.  I treasure our moments together, so willing to teach you eternal truths.  My wisdom gives joy to the heart and light to the eyes.  It changes your countenance because you cannot encounter God and remain unchanged.

          I am light; therefore, I infuse My holy light into your human frame.  I pour My holy joy into your being, as water is poured into an empty vase.  You become full of Me, and when you are full of Me, you will change your world.  My influence is infinite, pervading, and all-encompassing.  It is impossible not to be affected by My great light.

          The stars in heaven are aligned to display the glorious God.  My stars on earth are a display of My beautiful creative extravagance – holy men and women formed into saints.

          The road is plain before you.  Follow Me to heaven to rejoice forevermore.”

Jesus, Star Gazer

June 27, 2011

          “Every day is a gift from My gentle and kind hand.  I created time and the division of time to order the lives of My children.  Each man is given so many hours to invest into My kingdom.  When the final hour comes, there will be no retracing of the steps.

          Satan has blinded men’s eyes to the value and glory of using each moment wisely.  Daily he invents new time wasters for men to be distracted by, stealing hours and hours away from the eternal goals.  On judgment day, one of the greatest lamentations will be viewed – time wasted on things of no importance, works burned up and valueless.

          To recapture time, you must cast your gaze to heaven constantly.  It is very hard, as there are so many distractions, but it is possible with the help of My Holy Spirit.  He is the great time-gatherer.  He multiples your hours and deposits them in heaven’s vaults.

          To pray is to use time gloriously.  My life on earth was unceasing prayer.  Prayer is uninterrupted heavenly communication.  Prayer keeps your gaze focused on heaven, which is My heart.

          Offer your day to Me upon arising.  Give Me each moment of the coming day before it happens.  I will utilize every second for My glory.  I will teach you how to live as I lived – in unceasing prayer and adoration of My Father.

          I am the great clock-watcher.  I hold the grains of the sands of time in My fingers.  I will hold them longer for you if you keep your eyes locked into My eyes.”

Jesus, Heaven’s Time Clock

June 23, 2011

          “Each moment passing can never be recaptured.  It is gone forever.  Only moments of love are memorialized.  All else is fleeting.  To love is to look at God with a child’s heart.  A parent is the child’s world and existence.  I desire to be your world and existence.  My heart of love dawns on the upright.  It comes spreading across the land of your being like the morning sunrise, illuminating everything.  The colors become vivid and alive.  The earth takes on a new meaning.  You regain the wonder of a child. 

          Children live with nature, studying a blade of grass or a pond of water.  The world of commerce means nothing to them.  They live with God in His beautiful creation.  They notice His handiwork in the bugs and worms.  They gaze in awe at the rustling leaves and the cloud formations.  Each new morning is a new beginning to discover God’s secrets in the yard.

          Man grows into adulthood throwing off the garb of childhood.  He ignores the rainbows, the sunsets, the watercourses.  His eyes are fixed on pages of numbers and a box of pictures streaming through his living room night after night.  He loses touch with nature and beauty.            Commercialism, frantic and rushed shopping ventures, things of no consequence steal the precious moments of life God has allotted him to discover His Creator’s love.  He doesn’t notice the beauty of the change of seasons or the frost on the windowpane anymore.  He has too many things to do. 

          What are these things?  These are useless trifles of his own making.  They are toys he has invented to amuse himself or make himself appear admirable to others.  Trivialities in books, movies, cultural ideals, which are not bad in themselves, but when misdirected, become all-consuming to the detriment of spiritual childhood.

          Return to the days of your youth, My children, when you experienced a wave of joy in the morning upon arising, when God’s world was fresh in your heart and you gaily frolicked in God’s playground of nature.

          The world is sterile, fleeting, and will never satiate your deepest need – to become a dear child of God, clasped tightly to your Father’s heart.”

The Holy Spirit,
God’s Creative Breath

June 22, 2012

          “Death to My faithful ones is the last adventure with Me.  There is no fear in death when your heart is filled with the joy of meeting Me face to face.  Your heart will be sad to leave those you love, you will regret many things in your life, you will experience the anxiety of the unknown, but your overwhelming love for Me will give you an excitement that will overshadow all human emotions.  You will be entering a new land, a beautiful place of peace, righteousness, and glorious beauty.  You will meet your Guardian Angel who so much looks forward to your first greeting.  You will meet My precious Mother who helped you so much during your life.  You will meet those you have loved during your lifetime and those ancestors that have prayed for you, though you did not know their names.

          Then, as you leave your body, the first eyes you will see will be Mine.  Your joy will be unspeakable.  You will then see the face of the voice that has spoken to you all the days of your life.  You will exclaim, “Jesus!” and your joy will overwhelm you.  I await this dawning day of your new life so eagerly.  I long to show you heaven, My Father’s abode, your life’s home forever.

          This is why you desire to love Me with all of your heart.  This meeting is very real to you, for My Holy Spirit has made My real presence known to you.  This is a great gift from heaven, this gift of faith.  You will be thanking Me eternally for it.  It is My gift of love to you, the gift of Myself.

          Our love affair will never end.  I love all souls eternally.  “Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His faithful ones.”  Death can be beautiful if you make the journey with Me holding your hand.”

        Holder of the Keys of Life and Death

June 22, 2011

          “I speak through the pens of many authors.  Their hearts are channels through which I can speak to My people.  A word from My mouth pierces the soul.  My words are spirit and life.  My breath animates My words, making them as many arrows pointed straight at the core of a soul’s being.

          A word can crush a soul with oppression or release the yoke of bondage.  A word can wound or heal.  A word can shed light from heaven on a soul consumed in darkness.  A word can hold a soul captive for years in a false sense of reality.

          When My Word descends into a purified heart, it comes forth as a fire from the throne of God.  It is a spark that lights a bonfire and changes a heart’s destiny.  To listen in silence to God’s Word in your heart is to open yourself to heaven’s treasures, the glories of eternity awaiting your exploration.  As you gaze upon My face in purity and love, the gentle dew of My Holy Spirit descends upon you, making you a word of God to the world by your presence alone.  Words are not needed in this exchange.

          Holiness surrounds your steps as you walk beneath the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit.  Peace encompasses your paths and the fragrance of Christ is brought into the world.  My halo of love is seen by the angels and they marvel at My workings in such lowly creatures.

          The kingdom of heaven is open to all pilgrim seekers.  The gates are ajar.  The road to the entrance is narrow but firm.  My angels will guard your steps as you hover over precipices and cliffs, but you will come unscathed to the gates of pearl, laying down your cross at the entrance, greeted lovingly by the saints and angels, and then to be escorted into My presence, seated at My side forever.  What joy and exuberance!

          Isn’t any hardship worth this reward?  Stop your useless activities, sons of men.  Realize where your journey is headed.  Take the narrow road of death to self.  Be crucified to the world.  Live in My fullness.”
Jesus, the Forerunner

June 21, 2012

          “When a child loves, it is a natural emotion rising from his inner being.  So it is with the lovers of My heart; they love Me spontaneously and passionately from the depths of their souls.  This love is the Holy Spirit, He Who rests within them, forming them into My blessed image.  He is the author of every one of your loving thoughts.

          The Holy Spirit is not known, appreciated or loved as I desire Him to be.  He is ignored and taken for granted, even by those closest to Me. 

          He is your Sanctifier.  He leads you into the inner circle of the Blessed Trinity.  He speaks within your soul, whispering eternal realities.  He convicts you of sin.  He is that inner prompting urging you to an action.  He directs your actions to goodness.  He radiates you with His purity.  He flows from your soul, attracting others to His light, the light of God.  He transforms weak-willed sinners into holy saints.  He teaches as no earthly instructor could.  He is silent, hidden, secretive, ever molding and creating, rarely discovered, hiding in the shadows though activating all that happens.

          The Holy Spirit is the love of God.  He longs to penetrate and fill all souls with this holy elixir.  As you acknowledge His presence within you and humbly submit all to His power, He will overtake you in His mercy.  He will transform you into a holy child of God.

          Speak to Him.  Open your heart to Him.  Let Him truly be your spiritual director.  He longs to make saints, to present these trophies of love before the throne of God.

          The Holy Spirit is the sweetness of God’s love.  Be sweet to Him, call Him to yourself, and you shall experience the joy of the blessed in heaven.  He is God’s joy-bearer.  To be full of the Holy Spirit is to be a joyful, loving and peacefully holy child of God.

          He is your prayer warrior.”

Love of the Holy Spirit

June 21, 2011

          “The love of God for the souls He has created is beyond your imagination.  To live in His love is like swimming in the ocean of abundance, for God is all things.  How limited is the mind of man!  He closes his mind to the eternal realm.  He chooses to remove himself from the ocean of My love to wander in a barren desert.  As a fish cannot live on land, so a soul bereft of its Creator will die.

          Many souls are spiritually dead, though they appear to be alive and flourishing.  Do not be deceived by external appearances.  All men are dust.  Their covering has been designed by My artistry, but beneath the flesh and bony framework is a soul, alive or dead.  I give each man the breath of life at birth, but each soul must be born again into the spiritual life in order to truly live eternally with Me in life, light, and love.

          It is in the silence that you will probe the mind of the Spirit, the author of life on earth.  As you open your heart to His embrace, He will lead you into My heart, heaven on earth.

          The silence of the monastery calls longingly to My beloved children.  The simplicity of life, directing all to God’s glory, is the cry of the heart of My children totally captivated by My love.  The echo of My call resounds through the halls of your mind, calling you to step away from the noise and glare of the world, to find the silent cell of the hermit, alone with God alone.

          Let Me teach you how to come away with Me to rest awhile on My heart.  These frequent encounters form you into another Christ on earth, living lights to shine in the darkness.

          Gaze on Me to be transformed into My image.  My glory will alight upon you as dew.  I will carve My image into your features.

          I am yours and you are Mine – forever.”

Saint Maker

June 20, 2012

          “To learn the language of the heart, a language without words, you must spend time quietly in My presence learning new behaviors.  My way is not man’s way.  Though he was made in My image, he fell from the grace of divinization to the life of the flesh.  His language changed from that day and on through the centuries.  He started to speak the language of the flesh.

          Those that speak the flesh language understand each other.  It is a limited language, limited to human thoughts and ideas.  Those that learn the language of the spirit world learn the wisdom of God, the infinite Being without beginning or end.

          A man cannot know me unless He spends time in My presence.  He can memorize and recite My words, live His life according to My precepts and desire to do My will, yet he has not chosen the “best part”, to get to know me personally and intimately.  Then he truly realizes that what I desire above all his works is his companionship, his friendship.

          Abraham was My friend.  David was My friend.  These men knew Me personally.  We spoke as friend to friend.  To be a friend of God is truly the highest calling.  To be My friend is to be privy to My glorious and infinite storehouse of all the hidden treasures of My wisdom and knowledge. 

          To be My friend is to know the love of a God willing to condescend to the depths of humiliation to restore and redeem a friend.

          O my friends, how I love you!  How I long to spend eternity with you!  How I long to reveal Myself to you!  Come to Me unafraid, children of earth.  I love all of you with an infinite love.  Come to Me to befriend Me, to inquire about My life, My thoughts, My feelings. 

          You are made in My image.  How do you make friends?  Do the same with Me, your God-Friend.”

        Friend of Friends
June 15, 2012
          “Our spiritual lessons are never-ending on earth and throughout eternity.  God’s infinite beauty will never be fathomed; it is beyond infinity. 
          Who is this God, so ready to reveal Himself to men created from dust?  Why does He seek to become friends with these little people of earth?  Who can understand the heart of such a divine light, unfathomable to behold?  Why does this God seek souls with the heart of lowly childlikeness?
          I am so far beyond any thought or conception you may have of Me.  To know Me is to find eternal peace and rest amid confusion.  I seek humble hearts, for I am humble.  My condescension to mankind is proof of My loving humility.
          I continually rain down gifts on the children of earth, but the greatest gift I desire to give them is Myself.  Very few souls understand this.  They seek My gifts, especially My power, but very few accept Me for who I am.  That is why those that truly love Me for who I am are kept hidden away from the world.  They are My treasures and I hide them away from prying eyes.  I spend My time with them hidden away from the eyes of men.  They refresh My heart, so wounded by man’s rejection.
          If I am humility, can you imagine just how humble I truly am?  You will never understand the lowliness of My heart.  You can only see glimpses of it in the delicacy of My creation – a kitten, a puppy, a cloud, a rainbow.  Only a humble soul could create such gentle things.
          My message is always the same:  “I love you.  Come to Me.  Let Me love you into My arms in heaven.”  So few hear My voice.  So few respond.
          You marvel that My churches are empty.  It is the same with My friends.  I have very few friends who love Me for who I am.  How this hurts My humble heart!”
God, Your Loving Father

June 16, 2012
          “The vivid colors of this new day are displayed lovingly before men.  Will they notice My attention to detail?  Will they hear the robin sing outside the window?  Will they smell the air or hear the rustle of the trees?  Will they observe the beautiful flowers I have created for their enjoyment?

          The world is My gift to man.  Nature is an expression of My generosity.  I designed every leaf, every animal, everything you see before you.  It was with great pleasure that I prepared the earth for man. 

          I made the sun to set in vivid, spectacular arrays of color.  I made billowy clouds that lazily glide across the sky endlessly.  The shades of green in the grass and leafy trees are endless.  My wind brings life and movement to all that I have created. 

          To see an orange hanging on a tree, or a stalk of corn in the field – magically they all appear at harvest time.  The ocean never passes its shoreline; the snowy mountains lift their peaks to heaven, while the interior of the sea lives its own invisible life, a world within a world.

          I am God, and I am a great Artist.  I love to create and re-create.  I love to rejuvenate, renew and refresh all that exists.  I have made a beautiful playground for My children of earth.  I have adapted everything to their suitability.  I watch them, hoping they will see how much care I put into their surroundings. 

          To grasp the great significance of a loving God waiting for you to acknowledge His presence is a gift.  To respond to My love is eternal life, an eternity of awe and wondrous awakenings to all that I AM.

          I truly am all things to all men.  All men are a part of Me, a thought in My heart from all eternity.

          Why, men of earth, do you run from Me?”

Eternal Father of Wayward Children

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

September 8, 2005        

          “An empty heart must be filled by something.  Men’s hearts are filled with transitional goods.

          Become poor in spirit, empty of all you think you need, and let me become all in all to you.

          It is in your emptiness that I can work most effectively, in your humility that I can stoop to raise you up, and your obedient willingness that I can direct your paths.

          To care delicately for the things of God is a sacred art performed by holy and consecrated souls.  Like the wings of a butterfly, their spirits float over the things of this world, never stopping to land on them, but soaring ever higher in a beautiful dance of love for God and the angels.

          The souls of the righteous are so free and light.  They travel lightly in the heavenly realms.

          Sin deadens and drags a soul down to an earthly grave, a trudging through mud, as it were.  Life becomes complicated.  Gloom sets in. 

          Do not let life steal the joy of flying through the heavenlies.

          You are no longer of the earth.  You are heaven’s child, the King’s daughter.  Walk worthy of your calling.”
The True Jesuit, Jesus



August 31, 2005 

          “Man is born to die.  That is his ultimate reality.  The little block of time he holds in his hand is a great treasure to be multiplied into glory.  Man must use his time wisely.  He will give an account of every idle moment, every idle word.  Man resists this truth.  It is pure foolishness.

          All earthly things disintegrate.  They are temporary.  At death, all the earthly disappears.

          How can one become wise?  By meditating on this truth.  The spiritual is forever.  The earthly dissolves.

          Life is a matter of  ‘picking and choosing’.  Choose wisely.  Teach your body to obey your spirit.

          I value the eternal.  You must do the same.

          Ask the Holy Spirit for discernment to choose wisely.  Submit to Him in all things – this is your sanctification.”

The Wooer of Hearts