Thursday, January 17, 2013

June 22, 2011

          “I speak through the pens of many authors.  Their hearts are channels through which I can speak to My people.  A word from My mouth pierces the soul.  My words are spirit and life.  My breath animates My words, making them as many arrows pointed straight at the core of a soul’s being.

          A word can crush a soul with oppression or release the yoke of bondage.  A word can wound or heal.  A word can shed light from heaven on a soul consumed in darkness.  A word can hold a soul captive for years in a false sense of reality.

          When My Word descends into a purified heart, it comes forth as a fire from the throne of God.  It is a spark that lights a bonfire and changes a heart’s destiny.  To listen in silence to God’s Word in your heart is to open yourself to heaven’s treasures, the glories of eternity awaiting your exploration.  As you gaze upon My face in purity and love, the gentle dew of My Holy Spirit descends upon you, making you a word of God to the world by your presence alone.  Words are not needed in this exchange.

          Holiness surrounds your steps as you walk beneath the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit.  Peace encompasses your paths and the fragrance of Christ is brought into the world.  My halo of love is seen by the angels and they marvel at My workings in such lowly creatures.

          The kingdom of heaven is open to all pilgrim seekers.  The gates are ajar.  The road to the entrance is narrow but firm.  My angels will guard your steps as you hover over precipices and cliffs, but you will come unscathed to the gates of pearl, laying down your cross at the entrance, greeted lovingly by the saints and angels, and then to be escorted into My presence, seated at My side forever.  What joy and exuberance!

          Isn’t any hardship worth this reward?  Stop your useless activities, sons of men.  Realize where your journey is headed.  Take the narrow road of death to self.  Be crucified to the world.  Live in My fullness.”
Jesus, the Forerunner

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