Thursday, January 17, 2013

July 12, 2012

          “Live this day in union with Me.  Seek My face, gazing upon you to impart My divine attributes to your character.  No two days of your life are exactly the same.  I work behind the scenes, perfecting this, changing that, moving here, leaving nothing undone.  Look for Me everywhere in your day today.  I hide in the most unexpected places.  Acknowledge Me when I appear suddenly to you in a place you would not expect.  I am ignored by My children, yet I work behind the scenes incessantly for their perfection.

          Thank Me as you gaze at the sun; see Me in a child’s face; admire the beauty of water; see Me in the cloud configurations; probe My designs among the flowers and plants of earth; look intensely at your body, a networking miracle of veins and arteries hidden from sight; imagine that I hold each breath in My hand.  Scripture declares:  “By Me all things consist.”  I hold together every atom of the world.  The rotation of your earth is under My control.

          Who notices these grand designs of a loving Savior, a beneficent Creator and Sustainer?  To be thanked and understood is very dear to Me.  Even a parent tires of a child taking all things for granted.

          Thank Me, My dear child, for I have granted you My grace abundantly and lovingly.  I have blessed you by opening up your understanding to My nearness.  I have given you eyes to see and ears to hear.  This is My greatest gift to you.

          Pray for souls walking in darkness surrounded by light.  How they need the prayers of the children of the light!  Ask Me to shine My light abundantly on them.  I will hear your prayer for life for them and I will answer, for I have put that prayer in your heart.”

Prayer Monger

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