Thursday, January 17, 2013

September 15, 2011

        “Life truly is a vast garden filled with delights.  I walk through the earth inspecting My garden.  Much of earth is full of the weeds of sinfulness and vice.  The enemy has sowed weeds and thorns in My beautiful paradise of love.

          Here and there a beautiful, blooming, fragrant flower stands proudly, blooming gloriously where I have planted her.  She has weathered many storms and resisted the weed’s choking allure.  Her face is lifted to heaven.  She smiles at the Sun who nourishes and sustains her.  The rain has pelted her petals, yet she continuously stands bravely through the storms of life, fulfilling her duty to remain where God has stationed her.  She waits to be noticed by her Creator as He walks through His garden on earth.  Her heart trusts her Creator, for she knows He does all things well.

          The heat withers and distresses her foliage, yet she endures all with firmness of faith.  She is delicate and fragile, yet stronger than all earth’s elements.  Her one desire is to exude a beautiful fragrance, so that when the Master of the garden passes by, He may be pleased.  Her glory is to beautify His glory by resting in His will.

          This is the glory of all saints – to rest in the will of God, whatever that may be.  The uniqueness of each flower will be revealed on that beautiful day when the sons and daughters of God will be translated into the eternal kingdom.  Each flower will receive praise from God. 

          May the Master Gardener make a beautiful bouquet of His faithful flowers to display in the crystal vases prepared for them in heaven.”

Holy Spirit,
the Sustainer of God’s Lovely Garden

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