Thursday, January 17, 2013

June 22, 2012

          “Death to My faithful ones is the last adventure with Me.  There is no fear in death when your heart is filled with the joy of meeting Me face to face.  Your heart will be sad to leave those you love, you will regret many things in your life, you will experience the anxiety of the unknown, but your overwhelming love for Me will give you an excitement that will overshadow all human emotions.  You will be entering a new land, a beautiful place of peace, righteousness, and glorious beauty.  You will meet your Guardian Angel who so much looks forward to your first greeting.  You will meet My precious Mother who helped you so much during your life.  You will meet those you have loved during your lifetime and those ancestors that have prayed for you, though you did not know their names.

          Then, as you leave your body, the first eyes you will see will be Mine.  Your joy will be unspeakable.  You will then see the face of the voice that has spoken to you all the days of your life.  You will exclaim, “Jesus!” and your joy will overwhelm you.  I await this dawning day of your new life so eagerly.  I long to show you heaven, My Father’s abode, your life’s home forever.

          This is why you desire to love Me with all of your heart.  This meeting is very real to you, for My Holy Spirit has made My real presence known to you.  This is a great gift from heaven, this gift of faith.  You will be thanking Me eternally for it.  It is My gift of love to you, the gift of Myself.

          Our love affair will never end.  I love all souls eternally.  “Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His faithful ones.”  Death can be beautiful if you make the journey with Me holding your hand.”

        Holder of the Keys of Life and Death

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