Thursday, January 17, 2013

June 16, 2012
          “The vivid colors of this new day are displayed lovingly before men.  Will they notice My attention to detail?  Will they hear the robin sing outside the window?  Will they smell the air or hear the rustle of the trees?  Will they observe the beautiful flowers I have created for their enjoyment?

          The world is My gift to man.  Nature is an expression of My generosity.  I designed every leaf, every animal, everything you see before you.  It was with great pleasure that I prepared the earth for man. 

          I made the sun to set in vivid, spectacular arrays of color.  I made billowy clouds that lazily glide across the sky endlessly.  The shades of green in the grass and leafy trees are endless.  My wind brings life and movement to all that I have created. 

          To see an orange hanging on a tree, or a stalk of corn in the field – magically they all appear at harvest time.  The ocean never passes its shoreline; the snowy mountains lift their peaks to heaven, while the interior of the sea lives its own invisible life, a world within a world.

          I am God, and I am a great Artist.  I love to create and re-create.  I love to rejuvenate, renew and refresh all that exists.  I have made a beautiful playground for My children of earth.  I have adapted everything to their suitability.  I watch them, hoping they will see how much care I put into their surroundings. 

          To grasp the great significance of a loving God waiting for you to acknowledge His presence is a gift.  To respond to My love is eternal life, an eternity of awe and wondrous awakenings to all that I AM.

          I truly am all things to all men.  All men are a part of Me, a thought in My heart from all eternity.

          Why, men of earth, do you run from Me?”

Eternal Father of Wayward Children

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