Thursday, January 17, 2013

June 20, 2012

          “To learn the language of the heart, a language without words, you must spend time quietly in My presence learning new behaviors.  My way is not man’s way.  Though he was made in My image, he fell from the grace of divinization to the life of the flesh.  His language changed from that day and on through the centuries.  He started to speak the language of the flesh.

          Those that speak the flesh language understand each other.  It is a limited language, limited to human thoughts and ideas.  Those that learn the language of the spirit world learn the wisdom of God, the infinite Being without beginning or end.

          A man cannot know me unless He spends time in My presence.  He can memorize and recite My words, live His life according to My precepts and desire to do My will, yet he has not chosen the “best part”, to get to know me personally and intimately.  Then he truly realizes that what I desire above all his works is his companionship, his friendship.

          Abraham was My friend.  David was My friend.  These men knew Me personally.  We spoke as friend to friend.  To be a friend of God is truly the highest calling.  To be My friend is to be privy to My glorious and infinite storehouse of all the hidden treasures of My wisdom and knowledge. 

          To be My friend is to know the love of a God willing to condescend to the depths of humiliation to restore and redeem a friend.

          O my friends, how I love you!  How I long to spend eternity with you!  How I long to reveal Myself to you!  Come to Me unafraid, children of earth.  I love all of you with an infinite love.  Come to Me to befriend Me, to inquire about My life, My thoughts, My feelings. 

          You are made in My image.  How do you make friends?  Do the same with Me, your God-Friend.”

        Friend of Friends

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