Thursday, January 17, 2013

June 21, 2011

          “The love of God for the souls He has created is beyond your imagination.  To live in His love is like swimming in the ocean of abundance, for God is all things.  How limited is the mind of man!  He closes his mind to the eternal realm.  He chooses to remove himself from the ocean of My love to wander in a barren desert.  As a fish cannot live on land, so a soul bereft of its Creator will die.

          Many souls are spiritually dead, though they appear to be alive and flourishing.  Do not be deceived by external appearances.  All men are dust.  Their covering has been designed by My artistry, but beneath the flesh and bony framework is a soul, alive or dead.  I give each man the breath of life at birth, but each soul must be born again into the spiritual life in order to truly live eternally with Me in life, light, and love.

          It is in the silence that you will probe the mind of the Spirit, the author of life on earth.  As you open your heart to His embrace, He will lead you into My heart, heaven on earth.

          The silence of the monastery calls longingly to My beloved children.  The simplicity of life, directing all to God’s glory, is the cry of the heart of My children totally captivated by My love.  The echo of My call resounds through the halls of your mind, calling you to step away from the noise and glare of the world, to find the silent cell of the hermit, alone with God alone.

          Let Me teach you how to come away with Me to rest awhile on My heart.  These frequent encounters form you into another Christ on earth, living lights to shine in the darkness.

          Gaze on Me to be transformed into My image.  My glory will alight upon you as dew.  I will carve My image into your features.

          I am yours and you are Mine – forever.”

Saint Maker

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