Thursday, January 17, 2013

November 7, 2011

          “Each day is a beautiful color woven into the tapestry of your life.  The more colors I weave into your tapestry, the more beautiful it becomes.  You will wear this lovely wedding garment in heaven one day.  How surprised you will be when you truly understand what threads I used to make such a glorious garment!

          The fine silk thread of daily fidelity, your faithfulness to prayer and daily reading, is a fine gold thread that will gleam throughout the garment.  The opalescent pearl of compassion and mercy will cast a shimmery veil, beautiful to behold.  Pearls of great price will be delicately placed, a feast for the eyes - the pearls of kindness, sweetness, courtesy, meekness, humility, and penance.  Then the beautiful jewels of the virtues – the rubies of repentance, the topaz stones of obedience, the sapphires of docility to My will, the diamonds of your great and devoted love for Me.

          On your head will be a diadem of illustrious beauty – the tiara of the adopted child of God, taken from earth among men to exist for the praise of My glory.  On your hands will gleam the diamonds of good works, hands raised in holy prayer, hands raised in blessing others.

          Your feet will be shod in heavenly sandals, flowers of great colors and fragrances - your swift steps to aid others, your steps to church, to prayerful moments with Me.

          I am the great Tailor of heaven.  I adorn My children with beautiful garments of honor.  Let Me dress you in the greatest garment – Myself.  “Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ.” 

          My splendor will flow to the nations as I walk this earth again through My chosen ones.”

Tailor of Beauty

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