Thursday, January 17, 2013

June 15, 2012
          “Our spiritual lessons are never-ending on earth and throughout eternity.  God’s infinite beauty will never be fathomed; it is beyond infinity. 
          Who is this God, so ready to reveal Himself to men created from dust?  Why does He seek to become friends with these little people of earth?  Who can understand the heart of such a divine light, unfathomable to behold?  Why does this God seek souls with the heart of lowly childlikeness?
          I am so far beyond any thought or conception you may have of Me.  To know Me is to find eternal peace and rest amid confusion.  I seek humble hearts, for I am humble.  My condescension to mankind is proof of My loving humility.
          I continually rain down gifts on the children of earth, but the greatest gift I desire to give them is Myself.  Very few souls understand this.  They seek My gifts, especially My power, but very few accept Me for who I am.  That is why those that truly love Me for who I am are kept hidden away from the world.  They are My treasures and I hide them away from prying eyes.  I spend My time with them hidden away from the eyes of men.  They refresh My heart, so wounded by man’s rejection.
          If I am humility, can you imagine just how humble I truly am?  You will never understand the lowliness of My heart.  You can only see glimpses of it in the delicacy of My creation – a kitten, a puppy, a cloud, a rainbow.  Only a humble soul could create such gentle things.
          My message is always the same:  “I love you.  Come to Me.  Let Me love you into My arms in heaven.”  So few hear My voice.  So few respond.
          You marvel that My churches are empty.  It is the same with My friends.  I have very few friends who love Me for who I am.  How this hurts My humble heart!”
God, Your Loving Father

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