Tuesday, January 1, 2013

September 8, 2005        

          “An empty heart must be filled by something.  Men’s hearts are filled with transitional goods.

          Become poor in spirit, empty of all you think you need, and let me become all in all to you.

          It is in your emptiness that I can work most effectively, in your humility that I can stoop to raise you up, and your obedient willingness that I can direct your paths.

          To care delicately for the things of God is a sacred art performed by holy and consecrated souls.  Like the wings of a butterfly, their spirits float over the things of this world, never stopping to land on them, but soaring ever higher in a beautiful dance of love for God and the angels.

          The souls of the righteous are so free and light.  They travel lightly in the heavenly realms.

          Sin deadens and drags a soul down to an earthly grave, a trudging through mud, as it were.  Life becomes complicated.  Gloom sets in. 

          Do not let life steal the joy of flying through the heavenlies.

          You are no longer of the earth.  You are heaven’s child, the King’s daughter.  Walk worthy of your calling.”
The True Jesuit, Jesus



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