Thursday, January 17, 2013

October 21, 2012

          “Man seeks to stay contemporary.  What does this mean in heaven’s eyes?  Heaven is the land of infinity.  There is no mad rush to hold time in the hands.  Man has been given a stopwatch.  This watch is pre-set to stop at a certain moment.  No man knows the moment.  He holds the watch in helplessness trying to stop the constant ticking of time.  Only God knows the moment when the alarm will sound – that very last day of life.  At that moment, all activity stops.  All that is undone will remain undone.  All that has happened is recorded.

          This is man’s gift – to make every moment count for eternal values.  Looking back from heaven’s eternal shores, this tiny speck of time in life will seem so trifling when compared to infinity and beyond.

          God’s eyes roam to and fro throughout the earth seeking for wise souls who will redeem the time in these evil days.  To spend time in God’s company buys back time on your stopwatch.  Nothing is ever wasted with God.  He multiplies to infinity.  God is truly abundance in all things.

          My little children of earth, place your hands in Mine and walk through time on earth with Me.  I hold time in My hands.  Let Me teach you about heaven.  Let Me show you God’s face of eternal love.  Let Me mold you into My image by giving yourselves completely to Me, holding nothing back. 

          How glorious an exchange!  You give me your nothingness and I give you infinity.  The greatest minds cannot comprehend this offer.  Only My littlest children who believe in My love for them, who trust Me, and who love Me will be the recipients of eternal treasures.”

Time Holder

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