Thursday, January 17, 2013

June 21, 2012

          “When a child loves, it is a natural emotion rising from his inner being.  So it is with the lovers of My heart; they love Me spontaneously and passionately from the depths of their souls.  This love is the Holy Spirit, He Who rests within them, forming them into My blessed image.  He is the author of every one of your loving thoughts.

          The Holy Spirit is not known, appreciated or loved as I desire Him to be.  He is ignored and taken for granted, even by those closest to Me. 

          He is your Sanctifier.  He leads you into the inner circle of the Blessed Trinity.  He speaks within your soul, whispering eternal realities.  He convicts you of sin.  He is that inner prompting urging you to an action.  He directs your actions to goodness.  He radiates you with His purity.  He flows from your soul, attracting others to His light, the light of God.  He transforms weak-willed sinners into holy saints.  He teaches as no earthly instructor could.  He is silent, hidden, secretive, ever molding and creating, rarely discovered, hiding in the shadows though activating all that happens.

          The Holy Spirit is the love of God.  He longs to penetrate and fill all souls with this holy elixir.  As you acknowledge His presence within you and humbly submit all to His power, He will overtake you in His mercy.  He will transform you into a holy child of God.

          Speak to Him.  Open your heart to Him.  Let Him truly be your spiritual director.  He longs to make saints, to present these trophies of love before the throne of God.

          The Holy Spirit is the sweetness of God’s love.  Be sweet to Him, call Him to yourself, and you shall experience the joy of the blessed in heaven.  He is God’s joy-bearer.  To be full of the Holy Spirit is to be a joyful, loving and peacefully holy child of God.

          He is your prayer warrior.”

Love of the Holy Spirit

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