Tuesday, January 1, 2013

August 31, 2005 

          “Man is born to die.  That is his ultimate reality.  The little block of time he holds in his hand is a great treasure to be multiplied into glory.  Man must use his time wisely.  He will give an account of every idle moment, every idle word.  Man resists this truth.  It is pure foolishness.

          All earthly things disintegrate.  They are temporary.  At death, all the earthly disappears.

          How can one become wise?  By meditating on this truth.  The spiritual is forever.  The earthly dissolves.

          Life is a matter of  ‘picking and choosing’.  Choose wisely.  Teach your body to obey your spirit.

          I value the eternal.  You must do the same.

          Ask the Holy Spirit for discernment to choose wisely.  Submit to Him in all things – this is your sanctification.”

The Wooer of Hearts


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