Thursday, January 17, 2013

December 17, 2011

          “All that you are is My gift to you.  Never disdain the littlest of your gifts.  Do not criticize your personality, your appearance, your difficulties … you would then be criticizing Me. 

          Do you yet realize that you are My creation?  You didn’t make yourself.  I made you.  Anything you criticize about yourself is a criticism directed toward My judgment in making you.  Can you love what I have so lovingly created?  Can you bask in the gifts I have given you to glorify Me?

          Look at your hands, your feet, your hair, and your eyes.  These are all My gifts.  Your voice, your restless activity, your laugh, your sensitive nature – handpicked by your Creator. 

          My children do not understand the dignity of a child of God.  They are heaven’s royalty, made to be offered in homage to a great King; God, your Father.

          Be healed of this poor image of what I have created so beautifully.  How it limits your love to flow through you like a channel!  You must love the body, the soul, and the spirit that I have created, which is you. 

          You have been lied to and deceived into thinking that you are the product of your own invention, and that product is defective.  That is the lie of Satan to destroy the nobility of My holy ones.

          Be set free of this encumbering limitation.  Rise up as a beautiful bird of great beauty.  Sing to your Maker love songs of joy, marveling at His great ingenuity in making you!”

Admirer of God’s Creative Handiwork

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