Thursday, January 17, 2013

July 8, 2011

          “To open your heart to the silence of the eternal God is to live in heaven’s realm of peace, light, and pure love.  Nature proclaims the glorious peace of God’s order.  In silence, nature stills man’s senses.  Nature points to heaven. 

          Every flower rises from the earth to heaven.  Every tree raises its arms to reach heaven, to praise God for His magnificence.  The clouds hold the dew of heaven, sheltering the earth from the raging sun.  The mist of the Holy Spirit also shrouds man, that the raging justice of God’s perfection will be pacified by the love of the sweet Holy Spirit.

          As you stop in time to listen to the silence of God, life takes on a new color.  You begin to notice the little things of God, the delightful hidden mercies springing up around you.  You notice the color of the sky, the smell of the grass, the sound of the bird’s happy song of love, the swaying of the tree boughs in the breeze.      God’s subtleties overwhelm your senses and you exclaim in wonder:  “God, how could I have been so blind not to notice the wonders of your glorious creation?” 

          God waits eagerly to see if His children notice all the adornments of earth He has so painstakingly dreamed up for them.  The colors of the fish, the hues in the rainbow, the softness of a bird’s wing – these all proclaim God’s tender touch of love.

          God has created a beautiful playground for His children.  He maintains it; He furnishes it with good things; He waters the vegetation from His heavenly vaults.  He looks upon His wondrous world with great delight.  His angels roam silently through the hills and valleys of earth, doing His bidding.

          Night falls and God watches over His sleeping children.  He folds back the covers of the clouds and the moon, His great nightlight, and soothes His children that are afraid of the dark. 

          God’s goodness can only be praised in the silent ponderings of a soul weaned from earth’s glamour.  As My children get back to nature, My face pops up everywhere.”

Creator of All

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