Thursday, January 17, 2013

June 30, 2011

          “An aching heart responds to Love’s demands.  I wait for My children to come to Me.  I never pressure souls.  I give them the freedom to ignore or receive Me.  A true friendship is based on freedom.  To coerce a relationship is counterproductive in every human encounter.  When you have strayed, I receive you affectionately.  When you repent, I forgive you easily and readily.  When you turn to Me in the midst of your daily activities, I respond in happy love to you.

          I never change.  I am peace, love, joy, serenity, and all freedom.  Though your thoughts and emotions change, I remain steadfast in holy lovingkindness.  There should be no fear when you approach Me, for I am mercy, love, and great compassion.

          The door is always open into My presence … always.  I wait lovingly for you to visit Me without distraction.  I treasure our moments together, so willing to teach you eternal truths.  My wisdom gives joy to the heart and light to the eyes.  It changes your countenance because you cannot encounter God and remain unchanged.

          I am light; therefore, I infuse My holy light into your human frame.  I pour My holy joy into your being, as water is poured into an empty vase.  You become full of Me, and when you are full of Me, you will change your world.  My influence is infinite, pervading, and all-encompassing.  It is impossible not to be affected by My great light.

          The stars in heaven are aligned to display the glorious God.  My stars on earth are a display of My beautiful creative extravagance – holy men and women formed into saints.

          The road is plain before you.  Follow Me to heaven to rejoice forevermore.”

Jesus, Star Gazer

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