Thursday, January 17, 2013

September 26, 2011

          “You have a multitude of holy souls in the heavenlies to intercede for you.  Accept their help by acknowledging their vocation.  They are all part of My Mystical Body, interconnected and adhesed together by the Holy Spirit to form My Kingdom of Love.

          Walk with the saints and angels who walk with you.  “You are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses…”  Acknowledge their presence with you.  Ask for their prayers.  Their hearts are still attuned to earth’s cries for mercy.  Their hearts are My heart, in love with My dear children.  They long for My Father’s glory to be manifested on earth.  They are waiting for the redemption of the sons of God, when time will be no more and all will become one in Christ.

          May your conversation truly be in heaven where holiness resides.  May your voices rise in unison to sing out God’s praises among the nations.  May your lives be holy and pure, unspotted by the world and its pleasures.  May your mind be at peace, resting in the love of God.

          My children, get to know your brothers and sisters in heaven eagerly awaiting your arrival.  Speak to them of My love and grace and plead for their intercession.  They have unlimited power with God.  They stand before His throne day and night recounting His praises.  They truly exist for the praise of His glory.  Make them your intimate friends.  Let them help you in your walk of faith.  Speak to them easily, as a child would.  They understand all.  They have My mind. 

          Heaven is full of holy people that love you.  They desire your sanctification.  They pray incessantly for the world.  They suffered the exile of earth and know how to help you on your journey.

          You are all one family.  As you interact, you build on a strong foundation of love and mutual watchcare.  Live in heaven with us.  It is only a prayer away, a glance upward away.”

King of Saints

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