Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February 7, 2013

           “Obedience is the mark of a saintly soul.  Obedience implies faith and trust in a power beyond the self.  Obedience is a call to live beyond yourself, your desires, your ambitions.  Obedience is to die to what you think you know, to submit to the requests of another, to live a life of humble service in love.

          I, the eternally obedient Son, glorified My Father incessantly on earth.  In love, I sought to do His will at all times.  I had no will but His.  In all My human actions, I was moved by the Holy Spirit.  I walked through life walking on the wind of the Spirit’s loving breath.

          I came to spread the love of God over all the earth.  I came to show men how to please God, how to serve Him, how to understand His love, and how to share intimacy with His loving heart.  All My actions were directed to this end – Love My Father, as I love Him.

          To know Me is to know My Father.  “I and the Father are one.”  We seek your assent to join our union of hearts.  The more you partake of My Body and Blood, the more we become one.

          Things are not what they seem.  My invisible Presence in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar is the treasure of the world, unknown to the majority of souls created.  Partake of this gift of Myself with a holy reverence and tender love and thanksgiving.

          I have called you to My Supper.  Rejoice.  There is no higher calling.”

Bread of God’s Love

January 20, 2013

          “What will you be doing throughout eternity?  You will be loving.  Eternity is an ongoing festival of love and joy with your God and His loving children.  The Holy Spirit is the overshadowing presence of love in that beautiful existence beyond anything you could imagine.  Your frail senses are not able to comprehend the glory of God and His endless treasures - ages upon ages of unparalleled joy and abundance, walking in the light of God’s gentle face.

          Jesus, your brother, walks as King among His loving subjects, rejoicing in His love for them.  Heaven is full of purified souls, saints of great beauty, humble souls, loving souls, peaceful souls of goodwill.  Goodness is the mainstay of all deeds and loving helpfulness among children of light is forever enjoyed.

          This state of bliss is no fairy tale.  It is the entrance to the great kingdom at the end of your earthly journey.  As pilgrims on a long road trip, you must keep your gaze on your final destination.  The journey is short compared to eternity, the stakes are high, and the help is forthcoming.  It is to you to set your face like a flint to obtain the eternal reward of gazing upon God’s face forever.

          “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.”  You are following a holy king to a holy kingdom; therefore, you must be holy to enter.  Cast away all that defiles the image of God within you.  “Be ye holy as I am holy”, your loving Creator commands.  The spirit of holiness overcomes you by sacrifice – the sacrifice of yourself, your desires, your interests, your life.  You give all to God to receive all from God.

          Can you empty yourself to receive the All of God?  Can you humble yourself to be filled with His merciful love?  Jesus opened the door for you.  It is your choice to walk through it …”

Holy Spirit,
Holy Instructor of God’s Ways


January 18, 2013

          “The brain is an organism at your service.  You can program it by your will.  If you choose something to put your affection on, your brain will think incessantly about this object.

          People have trained their brains to think of sports, health, weight loss, money, fame or destructive thoughts of worry, anger, resentment, frustration, or hatred.  Whatever program you daily enter into your brain is what the program runs on, much like a computer.

          Most people run the same software program every day of their lives.  They never think to change the program.  The first step is awareness – “What do I think about all day?  Does this line up with what I desire in my life?”

          Your goal must be eternal.  Are these thoughts conducive to faith, hope, and love?  Do these thoughts lead me to sanctity?  Is God in all my thoughts?  What direction are these thoughts leading me – to the sensuality of earth or the transcendence of the unseen and eternal?

          Controlling your thoughts is a lifelong struggle.  You must feed your mind with the right food.  You must direct your mind to Me in the morning and ask Me to control your thoughts.  You must think of Me to get to know Me.  Love must be the impetus for all your thoughts.

          I will help you if you will let Me.  Start today by examining your thoughts as they race across your mind.  “Is this thought conducive to holiness, to sanctity, to heavenly benefits?”

          Your thoughts direct your path.  Let Me provide the map for the journey by letting Me program your thoughts for the day.  Your life will change dramatically if you capture your thoughts and hold them under your control, instead of letting them run wild like unruly children.

          I am a God of order and peace.  Come to Me to become a holy thinker.”

Holiness of God

January 3, 2013

           “Each day brings new challenges to face.  No day is perfect.  It is for you to be prepared to meet these challenges before they occur, and not to be taken by surprise.  This is done by directing your very first thoughts to Me in the morning.  Secure the eternal position in your mind before your feet touch the floor.  Remember that all passes so quickly.  Life will be over so quickly.  Your day of death will come and you will have a report card of your life to review.  You will look back at all the situations you could have faced differently, handled differently.  You will see then that love is the answer to every challenge.  You will be judged on your love alone.

          Embrace love this day.  Make love your true friend and traveling companion.  Love brightens every situation.  Love placates and heals.  Love is attractive and joyous.  Love uplifts and forgives.  Love makes your way merry and light and, oh, so peaceful.

          Learn to love in every situation.  When faced with your daily challenges, say, “How can I love in this situation?  What act would be the most loving?”

          Ask My Father to pour out His Holy Spirit of Love in an abundant downpour upon your life.  This is all you need to glorify God and to live a godly life with no regrets.

          Love is truly the answer.  Cultivate this diamond hidden under the surface of every encounter in your life.”

Love Cultivator

December 31, 2012

          “Your relationship with Me is all-inclusive.  I take care of every detail.  It is your part to rest safely in My plans and designs for you.

          Too much thinking makes you mad in heart.  It diverts you from the holy course I have laid out for you.  I desire that you trust Me as a little child trusts the leading hand of her father.  She doesn’t reason or ask for further directions.  She is quietly led, and she skips and sings while her father takes care of all the details.  Do you think her father would allow such a pure, trusting child to be harmed?  Do you think he would leave her to herself?  No.  He delights to lead her to the very best places, to show her the beauties of the world, to share her joyous company.

          I am that dear Father who holds your hand so lovingly.  You used to run away from me and then you would squirm beneath My grasp.  Now you follow Me, but you try to analyze our steps.  You worry about those around you.  You make your own plans.

          My little one, take a rest from all this thinking.  Rest in My thoughts for you.  All is well in the world.  There is a plan being carried out.  It is My plan of love and beauty for each soul.  Please remember to be the little, trusting child fully confident in her Father’s care for her.  No need to fret or be anxious.  I have all things under control.

          Skip gaily beside Me as I lead you in paths of perfect peace.  Give your mind to Me.  I will form My restful thoughts within it.

          How I love My trusting children!  Their confidence disarms Me!

Your Loving Father

December 17, 2012

“To My most loving friends on earth,

          I, Jesus, speaking from heaven to souls open to My call, ask you humbly to turn away from the world to seek My face alone.  I ask you to become true disciples of My heart by renouncing the pleasures and delights of the world by embracing a new lifestyle, a retreat into your inner selves.  There you will find Me waiting for you.

          There is not much time left to serve Me.  Life quickly dissolves before your very eyes.  There will come a day when you will no longer have one more second to live.  No matter how hard you try to hold on to time, it will escape your grasp.  No man, however rich or powerful, can hold his life in his hands.  I am the author of all life and when I decide to take away your breath, you will be lifeless on earth.  Your soul will then be judged by how you redeemed your earthly hours.  Did you live in faith and goodwill?  Did you squander your minutes with trivial pursuits?  Did you seek My face early in the morning or did you rush into the world on your own terms?

          I have redeemed a people of obedient love, those that have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice.  I have stated earnestly, “Be ye therefore perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.”  My Father and yours has claim on all that you are.  You cannot run from His penetrating gaze.  He has created you to exist for the praise of His glory.  You are not of the world.  You are set apart to do His will.

          “Come out from among them and be ye separate … touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you.”  These words of clarity will separate the just from the unjust.  If you seek the world, the world is your God.  If you seek My Father’s will, He is truly your God and Father.

          Souls, be wise.  The age is coming to an end.  I have exhorted, warned, preached, and spoken words too many to count to call you to holiness.  My
words continue to fall on deaf ears and hardened souls.  This grief in My heart daily wounds Me, for I came to bring life and this gift is refused day after day.

          Do not be discouraged, My faithful ones.  Your patient endurance shall be rewarded.  Keep crying out in the desert, like My servant John the Baptist.  He was that one crying out, “Repent … prepare ye the way of the Lord.”  He was brutally murdered for his faith.  His preaching of truth made him a martyr.  The price of the Gospel is not cheap.  It will demand your very soul.”

Serious About Your Salvation