Tuesday, March 4, 2014

December 31, 2012

          “Your relationship with Me is all-inclusive.  I take care of every detail.  It is your part to rest safely in My plans and designs for you.

          Too much thinking makes you mad in heart.  It diverts you from the holy course I have laid out for you.  I desire that you trust Me as a little child trusts the leading hand of her father.  She doesn’t reason or ask for further directions.  She is quietly led, and she skips and sings while her father takes care of all the details.  Do you think her father would allow such a pure, trusting child to be harmed?  Do you think he would leave her to herself?  No.  He delights to lead her to the very best places, to show her the beauties of the world, to share her joyous company.

          I am that dear Father who holds your hand so lovingly.  You used to run away from me and then you would squirm beneath My grasp.  Now you follow Me, but you try to analyze our steps.  You worry about those around you.  You make your own plans.

          My little one, take a rest from all this thinking.  Rest in My thoughts for you.  All is well in the world.  There is a plan being carried out.  It is My plan of love and beauty for each soul.  Please remember to be the little, trusting child fully confident in her Father’s care for her.  No need to fret or be anxious.  I have all things under control.

          Skip gaily beside Me as I lead you in paths of perfect peace.  Give your mind to Me.  I will form My restful thoughts within it.

          How I love My trusting children!  Their confidence disarms Me!

Your Loving Father

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