Tuesday, March 4, 2014

January 3, 2013

           “Each day brings new challenges to face.  No day is perfect.  It is for you to be prepared to meet these challenges before they occur, and not to be taken by surprise.  This is done by directing your very first thoughts to Me in the morning.  Secure the eternal position in your mind before your feet touch the floor.  Remember that all passes so quickly.  Life will be over so quickly.  Your day of death will come and you will have a report card of your life to review.  You will look back at all the situations you could have faced differently, handled differently.  You will see then that love is the answer to every challenge.  You will be judged on your love alone.

          Embrace love this day.  Make love your true friend and traveling companion.  Love brightens every situation.  Love placates and heals.  Love is attractive and joyous.  Love uplifts and forgives.  Love makes your way merry and light and, oh, so peaceful.

          Learn to love in every situation.  When faced with your daily challenges, say, “How can I love in this situation?  What act would be the most loving?”

          Ask My Father to pour out His Holy Spirit of Love in an abundant downpour upon your life.  This is all you need to glorify God and to live a godly life with no regrets.

          Love is truly the answer.  Cultivate this diamond hidden under the surface of every encounter in your life.”

Love Cultivator

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