Wednesday, February 27, 2013

December 30, 2011

          “The beauty of knowing God is that you open yourself to new horizons.  You open the door to another realm – the life of spirit.  The life of spirit is hidden from the common man.  He is so immersed in his fleshly pursuits that he never even approaches the door to the spirit world.  He lives in the ocean of spirit but is unaware that this sustains his existence.

          To open the door to spirit, you must seek solitude.  You must enter your heart where your spirit resides and talk to the Master who is constantly knocking on your door.  In your silence, you kindly implore your Jesus to enter.  He then opens the door of light and your eyes will be so dazzled that you will not yet see.  It takes time to get used to the light.  For each moment that you spend with Jesus, you will become more and more accustomed to the light of the spirit world.  You cannot barge into holy things.  You must tread softly.  To visit an earthly king, reverence and reserve are required.  God is holy.  Who can bring anything defiled into His presence?  Jesus is your teacher of holiness.  He will make you fit to enter God’s presence, to be an inhabitant of the holy kingdom.

          Humility and a possession of your ‘nothingness’ before God – these attributes allow Jesus to teach you and lead you into the divine ways.  Only the children of God enter heaven, those willing to be taught God’s ways with the humility of a child’s heart.

          Holiness is a thing of great beauty in this world darkened by sin.  How few and far between are true holy souls!  How few take the time to be silent in My presence to allow Me to take possession of them!

          “Without holiness, no man shall see God.”  Seek the holiness Jesus offers you daily.  Come before Him with open hands and a humble heart to receive His love.  He will bless you with His beauty, the beauty of a holy life glowing with a holy countenance.”

The Holy Spirit, Counselor


December 27, 2011

          “Lingering moments of loving My presence last eternally. All else is of temporal value. To bear fruit, you must abide in Me. To abide in Me, you must linger in My presence.

          I desire to live this day in you. I desire to be your first cause and your response to all things. I came to earth as man to divinize man’s activity. Let Me divinize all you are, all you do. Let Me be in you. Let me live My life in you.

          Your one thought must be to love Me. You must allow Me full control of your life. A simple nod of “yes, Lord” gives Me the go-ahead to walk in you this day.

          The world needs to see Me alive in you. The world is hungry and thirsty for My presence among them. I need available bodies to make My presence known. Only the pure in heart can be transparent enough to let me shine through them.

          Throw off all that encumbers you, all extraneous thoughts and activities. Let Me plan your life. Let Me carry you everywhere you go, as a leaf is carried by the wind. Is it so difficult to let go, to lay aside your agendas and plans? Is it really so hard to become a child again, easily led and docile? What do you have that was not given to you? Can you really in truth do anything without Me, even breathe? Then why cling so tightly to an agenda? Let it go. Let Me be your life planner.

          You rest in My love. Be the child I created you to be. Only think of loving Me. I will take care of all the details of your life.

          Become the littlest, the least, the most humble, the most transparent, and the most loving. Abide with Me. Walk hand in hand with Me. We are walking to heaven together. Let us converse gaily on the way. I crave this unity with My beloved children. If only they would let me love them in the way I desire to love them – infinitely!”

 Jesus, Greatest Lover


Friday, February 15, 2013

June 23, 2012

          “The distractions of the world cannot stop a soul in love with God.  They leap and bound over every high or low hill to reach the Beloved.  Love has no limits, no boundaries to its intentions.  It searches for God everywhere and it finds Him waiting with arms outstretched.  God is love and those who find God find everlasting love, a source of life and light, great peace and contentment.  They need search no more once they have run into the arms of God.  All of life’s journeying culminates in running into God’s fatherly embrace.

          Come to Me children, and I will teach you how to find God.  Look for Him everywhere, for He is all that exists.  You can find God staring back at you in everyone and everything, for He is the Essence of all creation.  Every created thing is a particle of God’s Being.

          To hear God, you must move very silently into His presence.  Holiness demands respect and reverence.  Angels tremble before the presence of God.  The angels are mystified at our lack of respect for God.  They are also overjoyed when they see a child of God running into the throne room seeking God’s help and protection.  God overlooks our human frailties in regard to respect for His holiness, but those that know Him intimately bow low before Him, “as a handmaid looks to the hands of her mistress.”  Those that are babies in spiritual growth barge in where angels fear to tread.  Yet God understands.  He makes a way for all souls to come to Him.

          This God whom you seek desires that pure souls wait in His presence lovingly, not seeking recognition so much as being a loving spirit attendant to His voice.  This soul has grown in holiness.  He no longer cries like a baby for his own needs to be met.  He has become an adult, able to intimately converse with God friend to friend, as Moses did.

          The joy of knowing God brings you into the company of the angels and saints.  You fit in, as it were, with the household of God.  What a joy to be in company with the souls of the just made perfect in Christ!”
Jesus, God’s Joy

June 23, 2011

          “Each moment passing can never be recaptured.  It is gone forever.  Only moments of love are memorialized.  All else is fleeting.  To love is to look at God with a child’s heart.  A parent is the child’s world and existence.  I desire to be your world and existence.  My heart of love dawns on the upright.  It comes spreading across the land of your being like the morning sunrise, illuminating everything.  The colors become vivid and alive.  The earth takes on a new meaning.  You regain the wonder of a child.  Children live with nature, studying a blade of grass or a pond of water.  The world of commerce means nothing to them.  They live with God in His beautiful creation.  They notice His handiwork in the bugs and worms.  They gaze in awe at the rustling leaves and the cloud formations.  Each new morning is a new beginning to discover God’s secrets in the yard.

          Man grows into adulthood throwing off the garb of childhood.  He ignores the rainbows, the sunsets, the watercourses.  His eyes are fixed on pages of numbers and a box of pictures streaming through his living room night after night.  He loses touch with nature and beauty.  Commercialism, frantic and rushed shopping ventures, things of no consequence steal the precious moments of life God has allotted him to discover His Creator’s love.  He doesn’t notice the beauty of the change of seasons or the frost on the windowpane anymore.  He has too many things to do.  What are these things?  These are useless trifles of his own making.  They are toys he has invented to amuse himself or make himself appear admirable to others.  Trivialities in books, movies, cultural ideals, which are not bad in themselves, but when misdirected, become all-consuming to the detriment of spiritual childhood.

          Return to the days of your youth, My children, when you experienced a wave of joy in the morning upon arising, when God’s world was fresh in your heart and you gaily frolicked in God’s playground of nature.

          The world is sterile, fleeting, and will never satiate your deepest need – to become a dear child of God, clasped tightly to your Father’s heart.”

The Holy Spirit, God’s Creative Breath

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

May 12, 2011

          “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  To learn God’s wisdom, you must sit quietly before Him in reverential awe and wonder.  This is when you truly discover how little you know.  “I am He who is and you are she who is not.”  I revealed these special words to a great saint of love.  I opened to her soul the abyss of her nothingness so that she might open herself to the grandeur of all that I am. 

          I fill empty souls.  Only in weakness and frailty does My power shine forth.  My graces cannot penetrate the proud and unyielding soul.  I seek the child-like and simple to reveal the deepest secrets of heaven’s life.

          If you want to receive more grace, descend lower into the knowledge of your nothingness without My mercy.  You are made of dust and I hold your body together.  If I left you for an instant, you would disintegrate immediately.  “By Me all things consist.”

          I guide the lowly children with a special touch.  My grace surrounds and protects them.  Their simplicity and candor unnerves a complex world’s system.  They destroy all the strongholds and castles of arrogant words built up so lavishly in the world.  Their honesty destroys all deceit.  Truth cannot be destroyed.  It is indestructible.

          The weak souls of the earth are My prized possessions.  In their weak and empty states, I fill them with My divine power.  They no longer live unto themselves.  They live in Me.  I walk the earth in their purified bodies.

          Seek the lowest, the least, and the most humbling of everything in this life and I will come to you in all My glory and build My earthly tabernacle in you.”

Dweller in the Lowly

May 5, 2011

          “When we live as one, in union of hearts, we act as one.  What you do, I do.  What you think, I think.  You do not have to make a special effort to find Me, because I am you.  How do you find yourself?  You are yourself.

          To abide in Me is to walk humbly with your God.  I walk this earth in you.  Our fabrics are intertwined and weaved together in such a fashion that it isn’t possible to make a distinction of differences.  As your heart’s desire is to live in My will, I live in you unhindered and free.  That peace you feel is My peace.  That heart of love that flows over in thanksgiving to our Father is My heart.

          In our quiet moments together, do what comes naturally.  That is what friends do.  They know how to please each other without a set of directives.  As you lift your face to Me, the graces of heaven melt, mold, and form you into My image.  It is not an event.  It is the melding of souls, an imperceptible fusion.  My children keep trying to measure their spiritual progress.  That isn’t love; it is service and self-promotion.

          As you are contented with every passing moment no matter how mundane or uneventful, you show Me that you serve Me because you love Me, not for what I can give you.  You truly become as pure as a little child, with no ulterior motives.  The candor and truth of a child is your model to follow.  They have no agenda.  They gaily live each moment to the fullest, abiding in the present of life, fully trusting, completely dependent, joyful, and free.  They are like the citizens of heaven.  They know no duplicity.

          “Unless you become as a little child, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Only the child-like belong in heaven.  In humility and peace, they abide in My love.  They abandon themselves to My love.

          O children of earth, become little and humble.  Ask for purity of heart and gentle intentions.  I will hear your prayer and will remake your heart according to My Father’s plans.”

Jesus, Heart Former



Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 12, 2013

          “Things in life are not what they seem.  If only man would stop and assess his situation.  He is so fragile, so feeble, so frail, a piece of dust in the cosmos.  His breath can be taken away at any moment.  His body is a complex living organism of My creation.  One part could dysfunction at any given moment.  The mind could falter.  The body could discontinue all operations.  What, then, is left to man?  His soul.  Man’s soul is his treasure.  I have given man the body just as a vehicle to house the soul.  It is My gift to man to let him thrive on My earth.

          Man in his supreme blindness has elevated the body above all things.  He has used the bodily functions as a lever to become famous, powerful, beautiful, and adored.  He doesn’t realize that every day his fragile body is decaying and what was once strong and beautiful will become weak, deficient and old.  Then what?

          The soul tags along, completely neglected, misunderstood, and ignored.  The body reigns supreme in all the decisions of life.  The soul is not heard or taken into account.  The soul is that nagging conscience that God has so mercifully placed into man’s heart to lead him to heaven.

          Satan uses noise to obliterate the soul’s voice.  People negate the soul’s yearnings for truth.  The soul is silenced and muffled in the children by toys, television and constant activity.  The souls of children are never recognized; therefore, they grow up to be soulless adults, men and women of no conscience.

          Silence cultivates the soul’s release.  God opens up the soul to pour His wisdom lavishly into it, if only He is allowed to speak freely in the silence.

          O soulless men of earth, when will you become silent before Me that I may restore your soul to its original beauty?”

Love’s Call