Wednesday, February 13, 2013

May 5, 2011

          “When we live as one, in union of hearts, we act as one.  What you do, I do.  What you think, I think.  You do not have to make a special effort to find Me, because I am you.  How do you find yourself?  You are yourself.

          To abide in Me is to walk humbly with your God.  I walk this earth in you.  Our fabrics are intertwined and weaved together in such a fashion that it isn’t possible to make a distinction of differences.  As your heart’s desire is to live in My will, I live in you unhindered and free.  That peace you feel is My peace.  That heart of love that flows over in thanksgiving to our Father is My heart.

          In our quiet moments together, do what comes naturally.  That is what friends do.  They know how to please each other without a set of directives.  As you lift your face to Me, the graces of heaven melt, mold, and form you into My image.  It is not an event.  It is the melding of souls, an imperceptible fusion.  My children keep trying to measure their spiritual progress.  That isn’t love; it is service and self-promotion.

          As you are contented with every passing moment no matter how mundane or uneventful, you show Me that you serve Me because you love Me, not for what I can give you.  You truly become as pure as a little child, with no ulterior motives.  The candor and truth of a child is your model to follow.  They have no agenda.  They gaily live each moment to the fullest, abiding in the present of life, fully trusting, completely dependent, joyful, and free.  They are like the citizens of heaven.  They know no duplicity.

          “Unless you become as a little child, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Only the child-like belong in heaven.  In humility and peace, they abide in My love.  They abandon themselves to My love.

          O children of earth, become little and humble.  Ask for purity of heart and gentle intentions.  I will hear your prayer and will remake your heart according to My Father’s plans.”

Jesus, Heart Former



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