Wednesday, February 27, 2013

December 27, 2011

          “Lingering moments of loving My presence last eternally. All else is of temporal value. To bear fruit, you must abide in Me. To abide in Me, you must linger in My presence.

          I desire to live this day in you. I desire to be your first cause and your response to all things. I came to earth as man to divinize man’s activity. Let Me divinize all you are, all you do. Let Me be in you. Let me live My life in you.

          Your one thought must be to love Me. You must allow Me full control of your life. A simple nod of “yes, Lord” gives Me the go-ahead to walk in you this day.

          The world needs to see Me alive in you. The world is hungry and thirsty for My presence among them. I need available bodies to make My presence known. Only the pure in heart can be transparent enough to let me shine through them.

          Throw off all that encumbers you, all extraneous thoughts and activities. Let Me plan your life. Let Me carry you everywhere you go, as a leaf is carried by the wind. Is it so difficult to let go, to lay aside your agendas and plans? Is it really so hard to become a child again, easily led and docile? What do you have that was not given to you? Can you really in truth do anything without Me, even breathe? Then why cling so tightly to an agenda? Let it go. Let Me be your life planner.

          You rest in My love. Be the child I created you to be. Only think of loving Me. I will take care of all the details of your life.

          Become the littlest, the least, the most humble, the most transparent, and the most loving. Abide with Me. Walk hand in hand with Me. We are walking to heaven together. Let us converse gaily on the way. I crave this unity with My beloved children. If only they would let me love them in the way I desire to love them – infinitely!”

 Jesus, Greatest Lover


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