Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 12, 2013

          “Things in life are not what they seem.  If only man would stop and assess his situation.  He is so fragile, so feeble, so frail, a piece of dust in the cosmos.  His breath can be taken away at any moment.  His body is a complex living organism of My creation.  One part could dysfunction at any given moment.  The mind could falter.  The body could discontinue all operations.  What, then, is left to man?  His soul.  Man’s soul is his treasure.  I have given man the body just as a vehicle to house the soul.  It is My gift to man to let him thrive on My earth.

          Man in his supreme blindness has elevated the body above all things.  He has used the bodily functions as a lever to become famous, powerful, beautiful, and adored.  He doesn’t realize that every day his fragile body is decaying and what was once strong and beautiful will become weak, deficient and old.  Then what?

          The soul tags along, completely neglected, misunderstood, and ignored.  The body reigns supreme in all the decisions of life.  The soul is not heard or taken into account.  The soul is that nagging conscience that God has so mercifully placed into man’s heart to lead him to heaven.

          Satan uses noise to obliterate the soul’s voice.  People negate the soul’s yearnings for truth.  The soul is silenced and muffled in the children by toys, television and constant activity.  The souls of children are never recognized; therefore, they grow up to be soulless adults, men and women of no conscience.

          Silence cultivates the soul’s release.  God opens up the soul to pour His wisdom lavishly into it, if only He is allowed to speak freely in the silence.

          O soulless men of earth, when will you become silent before Me that I may restore your soul to its original beauty?”

Love’s Call

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