Wednesday, February 27, 2013

December 30, 2011

          “The beauty of knowing God is that you open yourself to new horizons.  You open the door to another realm – the life of spirit.  The life of spirit is hidden from the common man.  He is so immersed in his fleshly pursuits that he never even approaches the door to the spirit world.  He lives in the ocean of spirit but is unaware that this sustains his existence.

          To open the door to spirit, you must seek solitude.  You must enter your heart where your spirit resides and talk to the Master who is constantly knocking on your door.  In your silence, you kindly implore your Jesus to enter.  He then opens the door of light and your eyes will be so dazzled that you will not yet see.  It takes time to get used to the light.  For each moment that you spend with Jesus, you will become more and more accustomed to the light of the spirit world.  You cannot barge into holy things.  You must tread softly.  To visit an earthly king, reverence and reserve are required.  God is holy.  Who can bring anything defiled into His presence?  Jesus is your teacher of holiness.  He will make you fit to enter God’s presence, to be an inhabitant of the holy kingdom.

          Humility and a possession of your ‘nothingness’ before God – these attributes allow Jesus to teach you and lead you into the divine ways.  Only the children of God enter heaven, those willing to be taught God’s ways with the humility of a child’s heart.

          Holiness is a thing of great beauty in this world darkened by sin.  How few and far between are true holy souls!  How few take the time to be silent in My presence to allow Me to take possession of them!

          “Without holiness, no man shall see God.”  Seek the holiness Jesus offers you daily.  Come before Him with open hands and a humble heart to receive His love.  He will bless you with His beauty, the beauty of a holy life glowing with a holy countenance.”

The Holy Spirit, Counselor


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