Friday, July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013

           “My heart thrills to see one of My little ones jump into My arms with abandonment and holy confidence.  So many souls are guarded, cautious, discerning, jaded, cynical and calculating.  To see the innocence of a child in a mature adult is to see the kingdom of God on earth.

          Children are pure, innocent, and loving.  They do not calculate their loving gestures.  They love recklessly and with abandon.  They live joyful lives, living and loving as if they are breathing heaven’s atmosphere to earth.  Children’s eyes are luminous, tranquil, pure, and full of light.  They have not been darkened by the world’s impure atmosphere.  The world slowly creeps into a soul, darkening the eye’s light to beauty.  What was once pure and unadulterated becomes foolish and childish.  Trust, the child’s dearest virtue, is crushed.  Cynicism sets in.  Stubbornness and rejection guard the soul from vulnerability.  There is no more reckless abandonment to love.   There is a guarded selfishness, a protective shell in which to retreat and hide.

          I have opened the prison gates of damaged emotions.  You may come out and step into the light My children.  God’s love will heal your wounds.  He will tear down all the walls and strongholds you have erected around yourself.  He will lead you to heaven, going before you as a kindergarten teacher leading her new students lined up obediently behind her.

          God is light, love, and reckless abandonment to Love’s caress.  He invites you to free yourselves of the chains you have shackled yourself with.  Become that free, open, docile, loving child He created you to be.  This is freedom – to become a child of the light fit for heaven’s eternal gaiety.”

Light Bearer for the Children of Love

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