Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August 16, 2012

          “My peace flows through a vessel of purity, washed and scoured of all that mars and taints.  The world cannot give you My peace.  The world offers excitement, but not peace.  You must exchange the excitement of the world for My deep abiding peace.    Peace is found in the silence.  The barter for peace is prayer.  As you turn away from the world’s distractions to seek the invisible world of My kingdom, I open the heavens and pour forth My peace into your soul.          Do you desire My serenity and My peace with all your heart?  You shall have it as you spend time in My presence.  My words bring My peace.

          What is peace?  It is a tremendous contentment of soul, a resting place of goodness, laying down on the bed of integrity to slumber in peaceful soul sleep.  Your spirit wakes up to what is really of value to your soul.

          Clasp your hands before you in holy prayer and contemplation and My peace will flood your soul.  You will know that all is well in My kingdom, which is a kingdom of everlasting peace.

          My Mother lived and nourished herself in the holy contemplation of God, her prayer.  Her communion with God’s heart was her life’s strength.  She turned away from the empty clamor of the world’s vanities to seek the solitude of her God of love.  She was renewed and refreshed in the calming presence of her Creator.

          You must turn away from everything that disturbs your peace.  Run away quickly from anything that disturbs your contemplation of God and eternity.  Your life is a prelude to the real life of eternity in the kingdom of God.  Prepare for it fervently by your continual communication and awareness of what God desires.

          Be joyous that your God communes with you so intimately.  His will is your sanctification.  To an open heart, He brings divinity.  Be ready to receive all that God wants to give you by remaining pure, unspotted, and unstained by the world.  Only then will the Holy Trinity dwell in you with great rejoicing.  Peace will reign on earth in a surrendered body.

          See the deeper meaning of life in the stillness of God’s presence.”

Jesus, Saint Stirrer

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