Wednesday, July 31, 2013

September 11, 2012

          “Will you ever understand the ways of God?  No, not completely in this lifetime.  Only in the blessed abode will your vision be purified.  Then you will understand God’s love beyond the finite mind you bear.  Only in humility will God reveal Himself to your heart, for God is humble, and He abides in the humble heart.

          As you cannot understand a sea creature’s visage and form, so you cannot understand God’s thoughts.  God is the great Creator.  He does not create according to your sense of beauty.  He sees beauty in the spider, in the beetle, in the creeping things you fear.  He sees beauty in the scaly skin of the alligator, the fangs of the wolf, the talons of the eagle.  Everything formed is the mind of God creating, exploring, sculpting, shaping, painting, crowning with life.  God is a great artist, genius in His perfection.  He makes textures and smells and sounds and colors.  Who can begin to understand His thoughts?

          You are a created being, formed from the dust of the earth.  God keeps your entity alive with His life breath.  He watches you lovingly, ready to lead and guide you to perfection.  His paths are peaceful, though arduous at times.

          If men would open their minds and hearts to God’s invasive love, their lives would burst forth from the cocoon of the mundane.  They would scale the glorious heights of the spiritual realm.  All these things of sense and matter are only prototypes of the real life, the eternal life with God forever.  These sensual pleasures become roadblocks that bar the way to spiritual realities.  Souls stop at the temporal, never accessing the eternal.  Their eyes deceive them.  I admonished souls to pluck out their eyes if they blocked the way to save their  souls.  Men are blinded and deafened in this world addicted to sense pleasures.  They have lost sight of the eternal truths of God.  They have despised the Scriptures and walked away from the houses of worship.  They have made financial success their idol and have turned away from the simplicity of My friendship.

          My heart is grieved for lost souls burdened by life’s harshness.  For those who once knew Me and loved Me but have cast Me aside for temporal pleasures, My heart aches.  I was once their dearest friend.  Now they no longer speak to Me. 
          Lost friendship … what sadness for Me, their greatest good.”

Jesus, Friend Forever

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