Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August 10, 2012

          “How do you live the spiritual life day by day?  It is not in knowledge or power of conviction.  Self-effort is the beginning.  Real spiritual living is produced by the Holy Spirit’s presence within you.  He is the sanctifier.  Without Him, you can do nothing to increase your holiness.

          A willing spirit and an open heart pave the way for the Holy Spirit to channel His grace into your soul.  To refer all things to His care is to rely on His supernatural strength, power, and wisdom to bring forth the will of God in your life.

          You must become like a little child, obedient to Jesus in everything.  You must not seek anything other than the tasks He sets before you.  Your obedience proves your love to Him.  It is not your works that impress Him.  Jesus doesn’t need your works.  He needs you to become divinized, so as to live unhindered within you.  His presence alone converts hearts and lives.  His works are just a confirmation of His divinity.

          If you will allow Me to live in you unhindered, I will change your world and the world of those around you.  I may keep you small and hidden, but many glorious marvels will be happening around you and within you.

          To acquire eyes open to heaven, you must retain the wonder and abandonment of a child.  Faith is childlike.  It believes wholeheartedly without proof.

          Trust that I am leading you on a direct path to heaven even though you do not see any results in your life.  I work hidden and unseen, away from the glamour of the world’s ways.

          I walk the earth in a child’s heart.”

Child Brother

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