Wednesday, July 31, 2013

September 5, 2012

          “A pure heart pleases Me greatly.  It is so rare in this world today.  A pure heart penetrates the veil separating heaven from earth.  “Only the pure in heart shall see God.”  Light is transparent.  A pure soul is light.  A pure soul is transparent.  Angels are brilliant and beautifully transparent.  I need My human angels on earth to bring the brilliance of heaven to earth.

          To become pure you must spend time becoming purified in My holy presence.  I am all purity and light.  I came as the Light of the world to bring My Father’s holiness to earth.  My followers shine with My brilliant light.  You do not see the light with your physical eyes, but spirits see it.  They breathe a fragrance from the wind of heaven.  It makes them stop, even if only momentarily, to gather their senses together.  How they respond to this gift is an indication of their spiritual sensitivity.  Those recognizing the call of the Lord will respond.  Those in rebellion will walk away, spurning the greatest treasure given to mankind – spiritual enlightenment.

          My holy vessels of light evangelize every place they enter.  They bring the light to the dark, unenlightened places.  They are accepted or rejected according to the dictates of men’s hearts.

          You must stride through life with the nobility of a humble child of God.  Your job is to shine.  Words are unnecessary many times.  They mar the beauty of the transcendent light.  Be a bearer of the Son of God in your soul wherever you go.  You are the monstrance.  I am the power.  I am the healer.  I am the revealer.  You must let it happen.  God’s mysterious ways touch man in a way you never could.  Let Him speak to souls by the light streaming through your countenance.  He needs available vessels with no agenda but God’s agenda.

          “Be ye holy as I am holy.”  Let God’s holiness not only pervade you, but pour out to others.”

Jesus, Light Incarnate

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