Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 24, 2014

          “The saints in heaven look upon My face.  They live in My presence.  They possess My heart.  My heart is drawn out to My suffering children on earth, waging war against evil in every form.  My saints pray for souls on earth unceasingly, as I intercede for the souls of earth before My Father’s throne.

          My Mystical Body in heaven groans in prayer for its other half, My Mystical Body on earth.  Until they are united and made whole, intercessory prayer is the connection between heaven and earth. 

          My children on earth have no concept of the activity in the spiritual realm.  Angels hover above them, guarding and guiding, protecting against evil forces prowling to destroy.  Saints visit earth to hallow the dust, strengthening the weak souls by their holy prayers.  As Moses and Elijah came from the spiritual realm to comfort Me in My agony, so God sends holy souls to earth to comfort, encourage and guide.

          My oblivious children feel alone in battle.  They do not see the chariots of fire surrounding them.  They do not hear the cheers when they triumph against temptation.  They do not see the traps destroyed before their feet, as My praying heavenly messengers disarm the enemy. 

          Souls on earth, you have heavenly friends praying for you.  You can speak to them.  You can ask them to come to My throne with your requests.  Even though I hear your cries for help, I entrust My heavenly friends to your side, to implore for you, to lay your case before Me, to help you become holy and beautiful in My sight.

          Your Guardian Angel wants you to realize that he watches every move you make, wanting to help you, to protect you, to guide you to righteousness.  You may speak to him.  You may ask for his prayers.  He looks upon My face daily and reflects My glory.  Tap into the resources I’ve given you to obtain this same glory.  Ask him to show you how to do that.  I have given him authority to assist you.

          Look to the heavens, My children.  “I will lift my eyes to the hills, from whence cometh my strength.”  These are the heavenly hills where saints and angels traverse back and forth to assist My children on their journey to My holy hill.

          Get to know your heavenly family.  Their love for you is My love for you, for they possess My heart.  There is no separation in My Mystical Body.  We are all one and I am the Head.”
Universal Body of God

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

February 4, 2014

          “To come immediately into My eternal Presence, it is enough to stop what you are doing and look to Me.  I can be found by you at any moment in time.  I am so easily accessible to those who seek Me.  It is not hard to know your God.  Speak to Me familiarly, as friend to Friend.  I seek fellowship with My children on earth.  I desire to instruct and perfect them, preparing them for eternal life with Me.

          The only requirement to enjoying My friendship is love.  Just love Me.  How do you treat a loved one on earth?  Ponder this.  Do I not deserve the same treatment?  Yet I am forgotten days without end, ignored, seldom spoken to or acknowledged.  The souls on earth have adapted themselves to the earthly lifestyle and do not pursue spiritual paths, the only true reality in life.

          Listen for My voice in the silence of your heart.  I desire to speak to you, to help you in your daily duties.  I want to be involved in every area of your life.  Will you allow it?

          I created animals to be active and then to rest.  When it is a time for rest, they do not hesitate to rest.  Man does not realize his need of rest, of quiet, of solitude.  He runs and runs until he cannot run anymore.  Then he drops down into a rest of stupor.  There is no rest of musing thoughtfulness, ruminating on his earthly path or values.  He goes to sleep only to rise again to his continual running.  There is no time to walk with Me in the garden of his heart.  There is no restful quiet meditation, a soothing of the mind.  He finds “fillers’ to entertain him when he is not incessantly running.

          I am sad that My children of earth have raced through life never contemplating the beauty of the earth, the reason for their existence, or what part I play in their lives.  It grieves Me to watch them run away from Me.  And so I wait like a patient Father.  I am Wisdom, yet so few come to seek My thoughts.

          Men of earth, who am I to you?”

Your Father Who Waits For You

January 25, 2014
          “It takes great renunciation to keep yourself from being distracted by all that is in the world.  Souls struggle with this all the days of their lives.  The secret to intimacy with Me, to fruitful living, is to fall in love with Me.

          How do you fall in love with God?  By spending time with Me, by exploring My interests, by talking freely to Me, by listening to Me.  Love grows in the moments of friendship and appreciation.  How can you love someone you barely know?  How many souls call themselves Christians, My followers, yet they barely know Me.  They are like the mixed multitude that followed the Israelites out of Egypt.  They were not part of My people, yet they tagged along.  They were delivered from bondage, but were never the chosen ones.

          My name is on their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.  I am not a part of their day.  I am something they think about on Sunday.  There is too much noise and distraction for them to ever hear My voice.  They are living in the world, enraptured every day by new ideas, new plans, ever eager for new adventures on earth.  The spiritual language is unknown to them, for they never speak it.  They speak ‘earth talk’ very proficiently.  They know very little about what is going on in the spiritual realm.  They are babies in faith, infants in grace, wasting precious time given them to inherit eternal treasures.

          My grace calls them in many ways – inspirations, holy encounters, earth’s beauty, circumstances, tragedies.  They may turn their step to heavenly paths for a time, but the earth calls them incessantly and they resume their earth walk, devoid of the Spirit’s power.  They know all the right words and are basically good people, but I am not a part of their lives.

          I walk alone with a very small band of friends.  They are few and far between.  Their fidelity to Me soothes My wounded heart.

          I am a forsaken Lover.  I have given My all, but receive no response from those that call Me Savior.  This is the truth.”

Jesus, Heartbroken

January 24, 2014

          “To rule and reign at My side, a soul must have My power, wisdom, and understanding.  I desire to pour forth these gifts upon souls willing to give all of themselves to Me.  Power can be a trap if given to an immature soul.  It can lead a soul into pride and wrong decisions.  Power can only be given to a very responsible soul, a soul that has been taught and trained by the Teacher of all holiness.

          The power to work miracles on earth is only give from heaven to humble souls that render all the glory back to God, the source of all power.  God can only trust purified souls, strengthened in their inner souls by daily communion with Him.

          A miracle is heaven revealing itself.  Nothing is impossible with God.  He tears back the heavenly veil to those souls that seek His face above all things.  They receive the power of God in their lives, in their prayers, in their actions.  In their maturity, they know how to use this power for the glory of God and the good of souls.  The extraordinary is ordinary to them, for they know the power of God as love.

          God longs to pour forth His graces and blessings on souls.  He longs to heal, to bless, to replenish, to provide for every human on earth.  He uses His channels, purified souls, to manifest these graces.  But how many souls on earth seek these graces for God’s glory alone?  How many seek their own means and their own ends?  Do they have the crying heart of Jesus for souls?  Is this the motive for their prayers for blessings and graces?

          God’s hands are the frustrated hands of iiiiia potter working with hardened clay.  He cannot form beautiful vessels out of stony and hardened hearts.  He cannot fashion beautiful instruments out of souls filled with the glory of the world.

          If Jesus truly lives in you, why can’t you perform miracles as He did?  He said that His own would do greater works than He performed on earth.  It is a lack of purity and a lack of faith that keeps you infants in grace.  “All things are possible to those that believe.”  God is able to do “exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ask or think.”

          Let Me work miracles through your life.  Souls need miracles in their dark days.  Become one with Me so that I can walk the earth in your body to perform the miracles souls so desperately need.

          Faith moves mountains.”

Miracle Worker

January 23, 2014

          “To accept all things as coming from a loving Father and Creator is the beginning of spiritual maturity and fecundity.  God is raising children on earth, forming them for His heavenly abode.  He is teaching and training them to be holy, as He is holy.  These training exercises take place on high mountain tops and in low valleys.  Each soul has a different training detail.  Each individual is a masterpiece of God’s ingenuity, and nothing is small or superficial in each existing life form.

          I am raising a family to live with Me eternally.  I am purifying My people, humbling them and transforming them into models of holiness.  The way is long and arduous.  Those souls that spend time with Me have a much easier time during the preparation phase.  They do not turn away from Me or distrust their circumstances.  They gladden My heart because they are so eager to be taught.  They are so submissive to all that occurs in their lives.

          The majority of souls complain, become bitter, and become agitated or despondent in difficult circumstances.  They lose all peace and give in to worried searching.  They do not trust My guidance and continually second guess Me.  They wander away from My will for them.  They stagnate among earthly distractions.  They displease Me by their lack of trust.

          I am God and I know all things.  I know your future, your past, and your present.  I have a specific path for you alone.  All that happens to you is according to this detailed plan.  Do not wonder when things start to change, when tragedies occur, when sorrows come.  These are all part of the training, exercising your spirit of faith and obedience.

          Charm My heart by your acceptance of My will for you.  Trust Me.  I have all bases covered.  I smile when you trust My leading in your life.

          “All things work together for good to those who love God.”  My promise to you.  Believe it.”

Your Loving Father Who Wants the

January 21, 2014

          “The subtlety of walking with God in life eludes mankind.  God hides His greatest works in the most lowly appearances.  What man considers great means nothing to God.  What man despises, God cherishes.

          Jesus showed the world the way to impress God.  He lived a life of poverty, hiddenness, and lowliness, despised by humans but treasured by God.  In order to find God, you must lower yourself in the eyes of men.  You must lose your life in this world in order to save it unto life eternal.  Life is a test, preparing you for your eternal home.  All things accumulated on earth will perish.  Only the treasures you put in the bank of heaven are forever. 

          What are these eternal riches reserved in heaven for you?  Your faithfulness to your specific call in life, fidelity to duty, loving souls and helping them, trust and abandonment to the God you do not see with your eyes, keeping yourself from sin and worldly desires, living the lowly life of a hidden and unknown saint.

          It is very hard to remain holy when you are exposed to the world.  Holiness and fame rarely meet.  Only the greatest saints have been able to withstand the temptations of fame.  Fame steals every moment of your time on earth.  It seeks to destroy your relationship with God and your eternal perspective.

          How many mothers have attained sainthood among dirty dishes and soiled diapers?  How many fathers, unknown to the world, have built beautiful palaces in heaven by faithfully getting up at dawn to go to work?  How many grandmothers are known in the halls of heaven as they remain hidden at home faithfully interceding for the world?  How many souls bearing the burden of constant sickness are sending a glorious reward to heaven, the crown of faithfulness unto death?

          God’s ways are not man’s ways.  The world lies to you.  It talks of success, health, beauty, riches, fame … the good life.  There is no ‘good life’ for any soul on earth.  Tragedy happens to all.  It is in the choice of choosing God’s way or the world’s way that a saint will be known.  The daily choice of accepting God’s will, whatever it may be, is the source of joy and peace for every soul on earth.

          It is so simple that it is missed.  Choose God or death.  Man chooses what will doom him.  How rebellious is the nature of man, in pride to choose what will harm him.  Free will has doomed many souls.

          Men of earth, I urge you, give your free will to God today.  Receive God’s blessing of eternal life.”

Holy Spirit of Truth,
Warning from God

Friday, August 15, 2014

August 15, 2014

          “The power of silence!  The power of inactivity!  The power of a quiet mind resting in God’s peace!  This agitated world knows nothing of this tranquil rest in God.  Pilgrims roam to and fro all over the world searching for peace, not realizing that their peace dwells within them.  “The kingdom of God is within you.”  I live in the center of your being.  Quietly, I await your attention.  I wait with many gifts to give, gifts of grace and beauty, peace, and light.  I wait for you to recognize My presence within you.

          Very few souls have found Me hidden within their hearts.  Those that have discovered this treasure enjoy perpetual peace and joy.  They no longer seek fulfillment in exterior joys.  They are able to sit quietly alone with Me to enjoy My presence, to discover the hidden gems within themselves.  I have a unique mission for every soul created.  They must come to Me to find out what that mission is.  I give clarity and spiritual understanding and give detailed instructions as to how to please Me, yet so few come to Me to find their destiny.

          In this age of television, radio and internet, the silence has been stolen from the world.  These electronic devices have stolen the hearts of My children.  They offer nothing but news, ideas, and words, but they offer no food for the soul.  Time wasters, life stealers, boxes of information intended to weaken your reverence for the holy creation of God.  God’s gifts to point souls to heaven – nature, birth and death, the skies, the sea – are ignored as man peers into the little box of magic that spews out trivial information.

          Do you have the discipline to stop the madness these electronic devices are proposing to you?  If you turn them off to seek some silent time with Me, you will be blessed indeed.

          Look back in time.  There was one Noah … The world perished.  Only Noah spent time in My presence and he was greatly blessed.  “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.”

          Will you be that one?

Jesus, K
Kingdom in Hearts

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

January 20, 2014

          “How often does a man look up to heaven in a day?  He looks at his fellow workers, at himself in the mirror, at the television, at the floor as he walks … How often does he raise his head to look at Me?  There are souls living today that have never raised their eyes to heaven.  It has not entered their minds.  They are self-sufficient in themselves and feel no need of anything.

          Pride enters into a soul relying on self.  God is banished from his dialogue.  He lives to accumulate possessions, to be honored by the world, to possess riches and beauty and love affairs.  His entire life is spent running after the illusion of a satisfying lifestyle.

          Only when tragedy strikes is he stopped in his path of self-love.  He cannot control his environment … a loved one dies, he loses his health.  His dream lifestyle is interrupted by reality.  This is a great grace from a loving God trying to get his attention.  God gives man total freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility.  Souls will have to give an account of their stewardship at the end of their lives.  What will be enduring?  What will have mattered?  What will be eternal?  When a man stops running incessantly and becomes more aware of his spirit within, his perspective changes.  He realizes that he has so few days on earth to live.  He recognizes his frailty, his weakness, his impotence to handle life’s demands.  He is a speck of dust in a world of unending galaxies.  He recognizes just who he is in the sight of God.

          Spirit awareness is a great gift from God and is only given to those who seek it in the silence.  There is no other way to come to know your soul or your God.  Noise and agitation completely block off your encounter with God.  You remain a child in darkness forever, for you cannot even see yourself, much less the world, as it is.  How can I make you understand, My children, the eternal realities that you will one day face?  You are running ahead, ignoring your eternal destiny.  Not even I can stop you by curtailing your freedom.  Your freedom is My gift to you, but how it grieves Me to see how you have used it …”

Your Father, Waiting for You

January 9, 2014

          “I transcend every thought a human could think.  I surpass every boundary, all impossibilities, and all horizons.  Those that come to know M+e become wise beyond any limited earthly understanding.  To know the heart and mind of a God is to become a genius in life.  Earthly geniuses know facts and figures.  Spiritual geniuses know the secrets of the universe.

          I have told you many times:  “Things are not what they seem.”  All earthly things are a veil to the reality of the spiritual realm.  In Scripture I stated that man has eyes, but he does not see; he has ears but he does not hear.  His senses are of the earth.  His eyes have not been opened to spiritual realities.

          Look beyond what you see physically with your eyes, what you hear with your ears.  Seek to spend time alone in My presence to transcend your shallow earthly thinking.  Eternity is not understood to earth seekers.  “The wise man has eyes in his head” – spiritual eyes to see the glorious angels that surround him daily, the eternal land of glorious bliss awaiting My chosen children, the power of the cross, the humble recognition of man’s nothingness, the meaninglessness of transitory pleasures.

          “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  Seek the wisdom of God and a new world will open up to you.  You will receive power from on high and the Holy Ghost will overshadow you to bring forth the Son of God in your person.  You will be transformed into His image and all things will be yours.

          This is the dignity of the children of God.”

Earth Walker

January 6, 2014

          “As you lift your eyes to Me in the heavens, I see this bodily gesture of loving compliance and I gently raise you to Myself.  It is in the charming trustfulness of a child’s heart that I find My joy.

          The world has grown into adulthood.  They have forgotten the purity and charm of childhood where a special awe and wonder makes each day new.  There is no monotony in My world.  When I give you My eyes, you see a myriad of wonders.  Contemplating a spider’s web with the eyes of a child, lingering outside, fascinated by a lizard, feeling the bare grass, My great gift to man, under your feet, laying on your back watching the clouds form shapes … childhood memories of peaceful and joyful living.

          Man grows up and forgets My wonders.  The grass no longer has any meaning for him.  The trees are not even noticed.  The wind fluttering the leaves is ignored.  My playground of love is bypassed as man heads for his buildings erected of steel piping where continuous noise keeps him forever occupied.  Man craves this communion with nature, for nature is My life on earth.  I have created this beautiful planet with elements unknown to man, with forces beyond his imagination, with untapped resources.  Man is building his own Tower of Babel.  He refuses to listen to Me as he makes of everything a great human enterprise.

          Only the humble children reside with Me in the open plains of earth.  Though they work to support families, they take time to come aside to rest with Me, that I may speak to their hearts in nature’s silence.  Nature is heaven’s playground. 

          Rediscover nature, My children.  Come out of your closed houses.  Open the windows.  Walk on the bare grass.  Breathe in the fresh air of My world.  You will encounter God in all His works.”

The Holy Spirit,
Nature Creator

January 4, 2014

          “Your life is made up of many little things.  Each second is an opportunity to offer Me a second of love, a second of appreciation, a second of joyous thanksgiving, a second of worship.  These seconds of life pass so quickly.

          As you unite yourself to My will in each second of your day, I form a lifetime of sanctity.  These little seconds of obedient love form saints.  A saint is a soul dedicated to the glory of God.  A saint is a soul in love with God.  A saint talks to God, listens to God, understands His divine tenderness and compassion.  A saint is a masterpiece of God’s glory.

          Heaven is full of saints, holy souls adoring God’s glory.  They have triumphed through the vicissitudes of life.  They have passed the threshold from earth’s time into eternity.  They have finished their course faithfully, “looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of their faith.”

          The more you love God, the quicker you will become a saint, a soul filled with God’s holiness.  This love will cost you something.  It will be sacrificial, yet the reward is glorious and eternal.  God will beautify your soul, preparing it for the eternal realm of glory, where all is light.  Even on earth, His glory will shine forth in you.  You will be a glowing vessel of clay.  The more you are broken, the more My light shines through the cracks.  When you are ground up by the wounds of life, you will truly manifest My glory, for “he that loseth his life in this world shall find it unto life eternal.”

          Go forward in your hiddenness that your humility may open the way for Me to descend into your littleness.  I only display My glory through the little ones.”

God’s Light of Glory

August 13, 2013

          “The light of My grace surrounds a soul desirous of holy secrets.  To leave the world to converse with heaven causes raindrops of grace to descend upon a soul.

          Prayer opens the doors of heaven to an earthly being.  Prayer is the gold of heaven being offered to earth.  Prayer is not just words.  It is living with Jesus every day.  It is allowing Jesus to speak for you, to think for you, to act through you.  Prayer is surrender to the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

          Mankind thinks that prayer is only speech.  It is not.  Prayer is becoming one with Jesus, the sap flowing through the vine.  The sap is God’s love transforming the soul into Christ.

          Words are the effect of prayer.  The words translate what the heart is.  From the mouth, the abundance of the heart speaks.  To pray is to live Christ and to live Christ is to pray.  In this way, every action becomes a plea for heaven’s help.  There is no need to use words.

          Prayer becomes a glance, a sigh, a tear, a heartache, a wish, a thought … words are not spoken.  Words are not needed to speak God’s language.  Men need words, not God.  Words can be an obstacle to prayer when the words say one thing and the heart does not agree.

          The Holy Spirit is your lifeline to communicate with God “Spirit to spirit.”  As you are transformed into Christ, your simple breathing becomes a beautiful prayer that ascends swiftly to God’s throne.

          Prayer is the music of your soul, singing sweet harmonies of love to your Creator.  The purer your soul, the sweeter the music is to God’s ears.  Become a prayer today by allowing the Holy Spirit to diffuse God’s grace in all that you are.”

Prayer Censer before God’s Altar

Monday, August 11, 2014

December 30, 2013

          “What am I calling you to?  Why do I ask you to sit with Me daily transcribing My words?  The obscurity of your mission is building your faith.  As you do not need to know, I perfect the virtues within you.  I am delighted by blind faith in Me.  Those that do not need to know are given My secrets.  The faith of a child is the prerequisite to be My disciple.

          Days pass as though nothing is happening in your soul, yet you are faithful to My calls.  Each moment of your life is written in My Book of Life.  The most seemingly nonconsequential things have great fidelity in My eyes – faithfulness to duty, a kind response, recognizing a salesperson, not judging.  I am a God of all the little things in life.

          I am God and you are My loving child.  I have blessed you with so many gifts, for I knew you would give them back to Me with interest.  I shaped your young life with the hardships your soul needed to be humble and to recognize My work in your life.

          Remember that I hold the world in existence.  Don’t burden yourself with My responsibilities.  You must smile lovingly at Me and express your love to Me.

          That is all I ask of you.”

God’s Son

December 15, 2013

           “A mother’s softness lightens life’s burdens.  Children run home to mother for comfort and love when they encounter life’s trials.  I have given the world My holy mother to soften their life’s tragedies. 

          The womb of Mary brought forth the God-Man.  This sanctified vessel carried the Creator of all things in her maternal embrace.  God’s holiness enveloped her being at every moment of her life.  She is the co-redeemer with her Son, Blessed Jesus.  Her sacrifice was needed in the plan of redemption.  Her “FIAT” brought the Savior to earth.

          God created this holy vessel to contain the author of life.  He prepared a jewelry box to hold His most precious jewel.  Mary’s consent brought Life from heaven to the world.  She was chosen by God to nourish this Eternal Life.

          Man has ignored this spectacle of love.  Mary was not just some woman favored by God.  She was especially chosen, prepared, sanctified, beautified and embellished to receive the King of the Universe.  She is to be honored and respected in a special way.  She stands at the side of her Son in heaven, requesting favors and helps for the sons of men on earth.  Her love is God’s love, for she has always abandoned herself to Love.

          O sons of men, greet this beautiful woman with love, respect, and honor.  She is a great gift to the human race.  Her obedience to God brought you treasures beyond your comprehension – eternal life with God.  This was God’s plan from eternity past.  Honor His judgments and His choices.  It is a great mystery, but God delights in the mysterious revelations of His ways.  His ways are far beyond your ways, sons of men.  You do not know as you ought to know.  Accept your frailty to understand the mysterious revelations of the Godhead.  Do not reject what you cannot perceive with your finite understanding.  I have honored this woman.  You must do the same.”

Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit,
Lovers of Mary Most Holy

November 26, 2013

          “I have called you to My banquet of love.  Every day I feed you with the Bread of Immortality.  You are eating life eternal, the fruit of the tree of life.  This bread from heaven is truly My Body and Blood sacrificed for love of you.  How sacred and holy is this sacrificial meal!  Like the night of Passover, when the Israelites were trembling, there is a holy awe in My Eucharistic Presence.

          I am here in all My glory, but who can see Me?  Only those with clean hands and a pure heart.  I reveal Myself to the pure and lowly souls who come here because they love Me.  The rest are blind to My light.  They have covered their eyes and ears with the mud of earthly cares … they cannot see My light.  Those that have eyes to see have washed themselves in My pure Blood which has made them as white as snow.

          The mystery of holiness is revealed to very few souls, for there are very few that have prepared themselves to be sanctified.  You must turn away from sin, self, and the world if you want to converse with Me in familiarity.  Many claim to know me, but I only reveal Myself to the pure in heart, those that have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice.

          Isn’t it true that My joy wells up within you as a holy spring of sparkling light?  I prayed that your joy might be full.  In your love for Me is your joy.  This joy will never end.

          This is only the beginning.  Wonders await you and all those who love Me in spirit and in truth.”


November 17, 2013

          “How quick is a life span!  Souls arrive on the stage of life, play a bit part, and then are gone.  No man can extend his destiny of designated days on earth.  To each man is allotted his time frame.  Each man will have his last day on earth.  He will exit the stage quickly and be totally forgotten by the next generation.

          How foolish of man to spend his short life span on useless pursuits that will not be remembered.  Solomon, in his wisdom, declared that all is vanity on earth.  He had supernatural vision to know the secrets of God.

          Scripture counsels you to “redeem the time because the days are evil.”  Every moment pursuing earthly treasures is wasted.

          Life is a test.  Will you love, serve, and obey God or will you mindlessly live your life in meaningless activities?  God has given you everything you need to live a holy and fruitful life.  It is your decision to choose righteousness, holiness, and pure living.  To deny oneself appears foolish in the eyes of the world, but to have heavenly vision is to seek an eternal inheritance.

          I came to earth to save men from deception.  I came to reveal the Father to His lost children.  I came to gather up a holy family for My Father to love eternally.  I came “to seek and to save that which was lost.”

          So few hear My voice.  So few remember My sacrifice.  So few love Me.  It breaks My heart.”

Wounded Savior

November 13, 2013

          “Love alone endures.  The love of God concealed in a heart is the reign of God upon earth.  God is love.  He reigns in love, a loving king loving His children eternally. 

          The Holy Spirit of Love inundates a soul of peace and goodwill.  To invoke the Holy Spirit is to manifest God’s love on earth.  The Holy Spirit is the love of God poured forth in human terms.  He pours forth from the circle of God’s divinity to inflame the earth with God’s love.

          He came as fire upon the heads of the first apostles.  He inflames the soul with love for God.  He is inhibited in His influence by sin – pride, gluttony, sensuality, falsehood.  He seeks a pure heart, undefiled, unspotted by the world.

          To open your heart to the Holy Spirit is also to make the decision to abstain from sin.  To mortify yourself, to sacrifice yourself – these acts of your will welcome the continual influence of God’s Holy Spirit.  As you stoke the fire of His love within you by loving acts and loving words, His bonfire grows greatly within you.  It becomes a purifying fire to remove all the dross left behind by sin.  This fire engulfs the soul and enkindles bonfire after bonfire around a child of God, lighting up his world, his radius of influence.  The Holy Spirit creates a beautifully fragrant garden of virtues in a docile heart.  Jesus comes to walk among the fruits and flowers.  He rests in this loving environment.

          The sign of the Holy Spirit in a soul is contentment, peace, joy, and love.  As a child rests in his mother’s arms, so the soul filled with the Holy Spirit rests in God’s peace amidst the fiercest tribulations.

          Invoke this Spirit of Love to come to live in the abode of your soul.  He will set you free from all attachment to earthly temporalities.  He will set you on fire with love for God.  He is God’s bonfire of love lit just for you!”

Jesus, Fire Keeper

November 11, 2013

          “I call you back to the one truth that will make you a saint – LOVE.  My love in you will change the world.  Of yourself, you are weakness personified, but in Me, you have the strength of God Almighty.

          I infuse My goodness into the weakest instruments, those that are docile to My incessant inspirations.  I call them “My little chosen ones,” for I have created them to be a part of My family from eternity past.  I have destined them for a glorious eternity, ruling and reigning with Me without end, ages upon ages of loving unity.

          The reward is so great, My children.  Do not lose sight of your endless future with Me.  This world is a passing stage performance, only a dress rehearsal, for the real act.  Many actors have decided to sit on the sidelines, distracted by the world.  They are not prepared for the real performance, eternal life in heavenly realms with Me.

          The wise shall inherit the earth, for they shall work with Me to bring My kingdom to earth.  “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  My souls of predilection have lost their lives in this world to save it for eternal life.

          Be wise, O children of men on earth.  Your distractions are destroying your soul.  There will be no remedy on the Day of Judgment.  Now is the accepted time of salvation.  Now is the dress rehearsal.  Cast aside all that is superfluous and earthly minded.  Walk the narrow path of the saints to eternity.  Your God is with you.  He will help you.  Think of Him and He will strengthen you to choose the right path.  He is Love.”

Trumpet for God

August 11, 2014

          “The more you let go and give up, the happier you will be.  The less you own, the freer you will be.

          Life has become a series of complications for My people.  Possessions have attached them to earth by cords and knots.  So much time is consumed taking care of and protecting possessions.

          You are to live in the world of spirit.  Your time and treasure is in the realm of the immaterial.  These material possessions are holding you back from a clearness of purpose.  They distract and overwhelm you.  They steal your time.  Their beauty is an illusion, for everything on earth decays.

          Religious souls escape the snare of earthly possessions by their vow of poverty.  This frees them from the strings of earth.  They have time to live in My presence in freedom of spirit.  They are not continually worried about taking care of their possessions, for they have none.  They have chosen “the better part” for love of Me.  They have turned their backs on the world’s glamour and promise of fulfillment in the next new product.  They seek to nourish and enrich their spirits.  They live for the glory of God and to procure souls for God’s glory.  They gaze into the heavens.  They have pulled their eyes away from the goods of the earth.  All My true saints have sought out poverty and austerity.  Like Me, they lived in obscurity to the world, yet known to the heavenly band.

          These desires in your heart for freedom and simplicity are inspired by My Holy Spirit of Truth who seeks to guide you into the land of the giants, those whose spirits rule over the flesh.

          As your prayers ascend in purity of heart, the Holy Spirit takes you lovingly by the hand to lead you into the pastures of peace, the realm of spiritual enlightenment.  Trust His leading.  He will show you the way.”

Jesus, Intercessor