Wednesday, August 13, 2014

January 20, 2014

          “How often does a man look up to heaven in a day?  He looks at his fellow workers, at himself in the mirror, at the television, at the floor as he walks … How often does he raise his head to look at Me?  There are souls living today that have never raised their eyes to heaven.  It has not entered their minds.  They are self-sufficient in themselves and feel no need of anything.

          Pride enters into a soul relying on self.  God is banished from his dialogue.  He lives to accumulate possessions, to be honored by the world, to possess riches and beauty and love affairs.  His entire life is spent running after the illusion of a satisfying lifestyle.

          Only when tragedy strikes is he stopped in his path of self-love.  He cannot control his environment … a loved one dies, he loses his health.  His dream lifestyle is interrupted by reality.  This is a great grace from a loving God trying to get his attention.  God gives man total freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility.  Souls will have to give an account of their stewardship at the end of their lives.  What will be enduring?  What will have mattered?  What will be eternal?  When a man stops running incessantly and becomes more aware of his spirit within, his perspective changes.  He realizes that he has so few days on earth to live.  He recognizes his frailty, his weakness, his impotence to handle life’s demands.  He is a speck of dust in a world of unending galaxies.  He recognizes just who he is in the sight of God.

          Spirit awareness is a great gift from God and is only given to those who seek it in the silence.  There is no other way to come to know your soul or your God.  Noise and agitation completely block off your encounter with God.  You remain a child in darkness forever, for you cannot even see yourself, much less the world, as it is.  How can I make you understand, My children, the eternal realities that you will one day face?  You are running ahead, ignoring your eternal destiny.  Not even I can stop you by curtailing your freedom.  Your freedom is My gift to you, but how it grieves Me to see how you have used it …”

Your Father, Waiting for You

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