Monday, August 11, 2014

December 15, 2013

           “A mother’s softness lightens life’s burdens.  Children run home to mother for comfort and love when they encounter life’s trials.  I have given the world My holy mother to soften their life’s tragedies. 

          The womb of Mary brought forth the God-Man.  This sanctified vessel carried the Creator of all things in her maternal embrace.  God’s holiness enveloped her being at every moment of her life.  She is the co-redeemer with her Son, Blessed Jesus.  Her sacrifice was needed in the plan of redemption.  Her “FIAT” brought the Savior to earth.

          God created this holy vessel to contain the author of life.  He prepared a jewelry box to hold His most precious jewel.  Mary’s consent brought Life from heaven to the world.  She was chosen by God to nourish this Eternal Life.

          Man has ignored this spectacle of love.  Mary was not just some woman favored by God.  She was especially chosen, prepared, sanctified, beautified and embellished to receive the King of the Universe.  She is to be honored and respected in a special way.  She stands at the side of her Son in heaven, requesting favors and helps for the sons of men on earth.  Her love is God’s love, for she has always abandoned herself to Love.

          O sons of men, greet this beautiful woman with love, respect, and honor.  She is a great gift to the human race.  Her obedience to God brought you treasures beyond your comprehension – eternal life with God.  This was God’s plan from eternity past.  Honor His judgments and His choices.  It is a great mystery, but God delights in the mysterious revelations of His ways.  His ways are far beyond your ways, sons of men.  You do not know as you ought to know.  Accept your frailty to understand the mysterious revelations of the Godhead.  Do not reject what you cannot perceive with your finite understanding.  I have honored this woman.  You must do the same.”

Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit,
Lovers of Mary Most Holy

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