Wednesday, August 20, 2014

February 4, 2014

          “To come immediately into My eternal Presence, it is enough to stop what you are doing and look to Me.  I can be found by you at any moment in time.  I am so easily accessible to those who seek Me.  It is not hard to know your God.  Speak to Me familiarly, as friend to Friend.  I seek fellowship with My children on earth.  I desire to instruct and perfect them, preparing them for eternal life with Me.

          The only requirement to enjoying My friendship is love.  Just love Me.  How do you treat a loved one on earth?  Ponder this.  Do I not deserve the same treatment?  Yet I am forgotten days without end, ignored, seldom spoken to or acknowledged.  The souls on earth have adapted themselves to the earthly lifestyle and do not pursue spiritual paths, the only true reality in life.

          Listen for My voice in the silence of your heart.  I desire to speak to you, to help you in your daily duties.  I want to be involved in every area of your life.  Will you allow it?

          I created animals to be active and then to rest.  When it is a time for rest, they do not hesitate to rest.  Man does not realize his need of rest, of quiet, of solitude.  He runs and runs until he cannot run anymore.  Then he drops down into a rest of stupor.  There is no rest of musing thoughtfulness, ruminating on his earthly path or values.  He goes to sleep only to rise again to his continual running.  There is no time to walk with Me in the garden of his heart.  There is no restful quiet meditation, a soothing of the mind.  He finds “fillers’ to entertain him when he is not incessantly running.

          I am sad that My children of earth have raced through life never contemplating the beauty of the earth, the reason for their existence, or what part I play in their lives.  It grieves Me to watch them run away from Me.  And so I wait like a patient Father.  I am Wisdom, yet so few come to seek My thoughts.

          Men of earth, who am I to you?”

Your Father Who Waits For You

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