Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 13, 2013

          “The light of My grace surrounds a soul desirous of holy secrets.  To leave the world to converse with heaven causes raindrops of grace to descend upon a soul.

          Prayer opens the doors of heaven to an earthly being.  Prayer is the gold of heaven being offered to earth.  Prayer is not just words.  It is living with Jesus every day.  It is allowing Jesus to speak for you, to think for you, to act through you.  Prayer is surrender to the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

          Mankind thinks that prayer is only speech.  It is not.  Prayer is becoming one with Jesus, the sap flowing through the vine.  The sap is God’s love transforming the soul into Christ.

          Words are the effect of prayer.  The words translate what the heart is.  From the mouth, the abundance of the heart speaks.  To pray is to live Christ and to live Christ is to pray.  In this way, every action becomes a plea for heaven’s help.  There is no need to use words.

          Prayer becomes a glance, a sigh, a tear, a heartache, a wish, a thought … words are not spoken.  Words are not needed to speak God’s language.  Men need words, not God.  Words can be an obstacle to prayer when the words say one thing and the heart does not agree.

          The Holy Spirit is your lifeline to communicate with God “Spirit to spirit.”  As you are transformed into Christ, your simple breathing becomes a beautiful prayer that ascends swiftly to God’s throne.

          Prayer is the music of your soul, singing sweet harmonies of love to your Creator.  The purer your soul, the sweeter the music is to God’s ears.  Become a prayer today by allowing the Holy Spirit to diffuse God’s grace in all that you are.”

Prayer Censer before God’s Altar

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