Wednesday, August 13, 2014

January 6, 2014

          “As you lift your eyes to Me in the heavens, I see this bodily gesture of loving compliance and I gently raise you to Myself.  It is in the charming trustfulness of a child’s heart that I find My joy.

          The world has grown into adulthood.  They have forgotten the purity and charm of childhood where a special awe and wonder makes each day new.  There is no monotony in My world.  When I give you My eyes, you see a myriad of wonders.  Contemplating a spider’s web with the eyes of a child, lingering outside, fascinated by a lizard, feeling the bare grass, My great gift to man, under your feet, laying on your back watching the clouds form shapes … childhood memories of peaceful and joyful living.

          Man grows up and forgets My wonders.  The grass no longer has any meaning for him.  The trees are not even noticed.  The wind fluttering the leaves is ignored.  My playground of love is bypassed as man heads for his buildings erected of steel piping where continuous noise keeps him forever occupied.  Man craves this communion with nature, for nature is My life on earth.  I have created this beautiful planet with elements unknown to man, with forces beyond his imagination, with untapped resources.  Man is building his own Tower of Babel.  He refuses to listen to Me as he makes of everything a great human enterprise.

          Only the humble children reside with Me in the open plains of earth.  Though they work to support families, they take time to come aside to rest with Me, that I may speak to their hearts in nature’s silence.  Nature is heaven’s playground. 

          Rediscover nature, My children.  Come out of your closed houses.  Open the windows.  Walk on the bare grass.  Breathe in the fresh air of My world.  You will encounter God in all His works.”

The Holy Spirit,
Nature Creator

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