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November 5, 2013

          “The days go by so swiftly.  One soul is born; another soul dies.  Every soul has a life span allotted to him.  The test is whether he will follow the plan God has destined for him.  What does God require of you?  A thankful heart.  An obedient and faithful spirit.  The heart of a child.

          It is not hard to reach the ears of God.  He is everywhere.  He hears your slightest whisper.  He is gentleness and peace, compassion and love.  He is the softness of the air circulating around you, permeating all of who you are physically and spiritually.  Be still; be very quiet … you will hear His voice.  He will draw near to you.  The light of His Presence will open your spiritual eyes to new dimensions of holy light.

          Listen to the wind.  It speaks God’s language, unintelligible to earthlings, but clear and plain to those that have been touched by God’s Holy Spirit.  The wind blows where it wills.  You hear its sound but cannot tell where it comes from.  So is every soul born of the Spirit.  They have breathed in God’s breath.  They are children of the wind on earth.

          God’s subtleties and nuances round out creation’s splendors.  He speaks His own language in nature and all of nature understands.  Nature is obedient to God.  Nature is beautiful and orderly.  Nature shows forth God’s great glory.

          Man is God’s crown and joy.  Man is God’s chosen family.  God has chosen man to be in intimate friendship with Him.  Man is made in God’s image so that God can truly communicate with man.  Man has turned and walked away from the gentle hand of God’s friendship.  God cannot force a soul to love Him.  The gentle God takes this refusal very graciously, yet His heart is broken.  It is the heart of a father mourning the death of his child.

          You do not understand God’s heart, men of earth, or you would not wound Him so.”
The Holy Spirit of God’s Wounded and Sorrowful Heart

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