Wednesday, August 13, 2014

January 4, 2014

          “Your life is made up of many little things.  Each second is an opportunity to offer Me a second of love, a second of appreciation, a second of joyous thanksgiving, a second of worship.  These seconds of life pass so quickly.

          As you unite yourself to My will in each second of your day, I form a lifetime of sanctity.  These little seconds of obedient love form saints.  A saint is a soul dedicated to the glory of God.  A saint is a soul in love with God.  A saint talks to God, listens to God, understands His divine tenderness and compassion.  A saint is a masterpiece of God’s glory.

          Heaven is full of saints, holy souls adoring God’s glory.  They have triumphed through the vicissitudes of life.  They have passed the threshold from earth’s time into eternity.  They have finished their course faithfully, “looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of their faith.”

          The more you love God, the quicker you will become a saint, a soul filled with God’s holiness.  This love will cost you something.  It will be sacrificial, yet the reward is glorious and eternal.  God will beautify your soul, preparing it for the eternal realm of glory, where all is light.  Even on earth, His glory will shine forth in you.  You will be a glowing vessel of clay.  The more you are broken, the more My light shines through the cracks.  When you are ground up by the wounds of life, you will truly manifest My glory, for “he that loseth his life in this world shall find it unto life eternal.”

          Go forward in your hiddenness that your humility may open the way for Me to descend into your littleness.  I only display My glory through the little ones.”

God’s Light of Glory

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