Monday, August 11, 2014

December 30, 2013

          “What am I calling you to?  Why do I ask you to sit with Me daily transcribing My words?  The obscurity of your mission is building your faith.  As you do not need to know, I perfect the virtues within you.  I am delighted by blind faith in Me.  Those that do not need to know are given My secrets.  The faith of a child is the prerequisite to be My disciple.

          Days pass as though nothing is happening in your soul, yet you are faithful to My calls.  Each moment of your life is written in My Book of Life.  The most seemingly nonconsequential things have great fidelity in My eyes – faithfulness to duty, a kind response, recognizing a salesperson, not judging.  I am a God of all the little things in life.

          I am God and you are My loving child.  I have blessed you with so many gifts, for I knew you would give them back to Me with interest.  I shaped your young life with the hardships your soul needed to be humble and to recognize My work in your life.

          Remember that I hold the world in existence.  Don’t burden yourself with My responsibilities.  You must smile lovingly at Me and express your love to Me.

          That is all I ask of you.”

God’s Son

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