Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10, 2014

          “The hours pass so swiftly in life.  There is nothing holding back the inevitability of aging and death.  Man strolls through life, the pace quickening with each passing year.  Sickness and suffering become commonplace, friends die around you.  The flowering bloom withers and fades.  Life ebbs away.  Eternity looms.

          This is the way of every soul living on earth.  Not one soul has ever evaded death or the grave.  Everyone will face eternity alone, without the goods heaped up on earth.  Fame and fortune mean absolutely nothing on your deathbed.  Every gasp for air will be the only thing you care about.  How your values will change in that hour!

          Do you men ever think of this inevitable day reserved for you?  Do you wonder how people will react when they hear you have died?  How will the world around you change when you leave the stage of life?

          If men would sit long enough to ponder the day of their death, they would change the way they live their lives.  Priorities would change, affections would be altered.  It would be a very sobering moment, and very useful to make some very important changes.

          There should be no fear of death if you are living as God wants you to.  This time on earth is a preparation for an eternity with God.  He is making you ready for heaven.  He is raising children on earth, forming them into the mature image of His Son.  This is a beautiful time of restoration and growth.

          Think about your day of death, My children.  This will help you to realize what is most important in life.”

God’s Helper

July 5, 2014

          “My grace has touched your heart to help you recognize that earth is not your home.  You are just traveling on a journey to your home with Me.  You are not to put roots down at any resting place on your trip.  You are passing through countries on your way to your country. 

          Many souls enter the highway of the redeemed full of joy and certitude.  They merrily pack for the journey, prepare themselves for the road trip and then set off on their own.  Each new day on the road brings new troubles and hardships.  They become dismayed and stop to rest.  They decide to pitch a tent, for the spot is shady and beautiful.  Soon they decide to build a sturdy house to protect them from the rains and storms.  Life becomes so comfortable that they unpack their bags and never venture out again on their path to sainthood.  I had a wonderful adventure prepared for them, but they decided to end the journey almost as soon as it began.

          These are the masses of lukewarm souls that started out jubilantly with Me at our first encounter.  Life’s vicissitudes proved to be too hard for them, so they decided to stay in the doldrums of mediocrity and stagnation.  Soon they were very hard to distinguish from all the other earth dwellers.  They were no longer pilgrims on a journey to their homeland; they were squatters in a land that wasn’t theirs, a wasteland of temporal pleasures.

          The journey is long and hard.  It is the royal road of the cross, the path I walked.  It isn’t easy, but the efforts are eternal.  Very few pilgrims stay on the road in this age of agnosticism and cynicism.  It is hard to keep your eyes on an invisible future when what is visible is so enticing and seemingly gratifying.

          Souls, hear My voice.  Leave your couches of comfort and ease.  Pull up your earthly roots and get back on the road you have abandoned.  Pack your heavenly bags again and leave behind the things of no value.

          I await you on the road.  Will you join Me?”

Wayfarer on the Journey

July 4, 2014

          “To one who spends time alone with Me I reveal Myself.  I am an unknown God because the masses ignore My existence.  So very few souls have been enlightened in spirit enough to dedicate their lives to God’s hidden realm of light.

          My grace falls like rain on every soul living.  Very few souls respond to the grace of complete fidelity and a life-long commitment to seek the face of God.  God is in the silent encounter, but who becomes silent in this agitated world?

          Chosen souls find their way to the silent encounter.  They dedicate every moment to this seeking of the infinite.  These are the wise builders that build a beautiful edifice brick by brick, moment by silent moment, face to face alone with God.  This is a life of sacrifice to earthly pleasures.  Spirit is subject to the flesh.  The spirit makes the decision to deny the flesh earthly ambitions.  These wise souls are amassing treasures of glory that will surround them eternally.  The more humble their downward ascent, the higher their position near their blessed God eternally.

          No sacrifice is too great to inherit eternal rewards.  The greatest reward is God’s radiant smile, His voice saying, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

          Wake up, children of earth.  Perceive what is eternal.  Throw away earthly toys and distractions which put chains around your soul.  Your eternity awaits your response.”

God’s Face on Earth

July 3, 2014

          “A meaningful existence apart from God is impossible, for by Him all things consist.  The secret to joy in life is to discover God.  He is truly a fountain of living water.  You can pitch your tent next to this eternal fountain and rejoice every day for the rest of your life.

          God is the joy of life.  Without God, no real joy is possible.  Joy springs up like an eternal fountain in your heart when you allow God to reign there.

          What is the secret to lasting joy?  Love God and serve Him with a faithful heart.  He will smooth out the road before you.  He will create marvelous and beautiful works in you.  You will be fulfilled and animated by a wonder you did not know was possible in this life.

          Why live trudging through the mud of earth when you can soar in the heavens with God?  That is why He created you – to enjoy Him eternally.  All He asks for is your heart.  He will do all the rest.

          Come to God with your heart in your hands.  Pledge your fidelity to Him in sincerity.  He will receive your gift with a Father’s love and the graces will start falling immediately upon your head.  He is a generous Father only waiting eagerly to bless His children. 

          Every day is Christmas morning to God.  Let Him shower you with His gifts from heaven … peace, joy, love, truth, serenity, integrity, contentment, fulfillment.  And then wait to see what he has in store for your life … you will be amazed.”

God’s Gift Giver

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

October 14, 2013

           “My souls!  My loving, fervent, simple, and sincere souls, those that seek Me with all of their heart.  I condescend to their littleness, giving all of Myself to them.  I bend to hear their requests and answer them at once, if it is the Father’s will.  Their hearts are so in tune with Mine that they always ask according to the Father’s will, for My Spirit within them prays to the Holy Trinity to the glory of God.

          My fullness resides in these little flowers in the field of the earth.  Their fragrance rises up amidst the stench of sinful humanity.  I breathe in their purity and My heart is consoled.

          My gifts to My littlest children of love make them beautiful, for beauty is transparent, pure, and free.  They soak up My grace, and saturated with My love, they go forth in holiness to evangelize the world.  They are silent and hidden, scattering diamonds behind them that fall by the wayside of life, sparkling to attain the notice of a wandering straggler.  They shine like the sun in the world, bringing warmth and nourishment to souls.  I hide My beauty within them and it peeks out through their eyes, their words, their mannerisms, and their joy.  These spectacles of grace attract souls in darkness to the light of God.  These are My jewels in My crown.

          O children of men, flee the earth’s acclaims.  Hide under the shelter of My wings, reveling in My tender care.  Children of such a loving God, thank your Father for His incessant love for you.  You are truly blessed.”

God’s Joy


September 29, 2013

          “I reveal My secrets to My littlest children.  They do not question or doubt Me.  They listen and believe.  Those that are grown up intellectualize, rationalize, and dissect My teachings, stripping them of their purity and beauty.

          The littlest ones receive My food as a bird in the nest.  They do not examine the food or dissect each particle.  They gulp the food down in one swallow, eagerly waiting for more.

          Trust is the framework of love.  It is the edifice that supports belief.  I freely give to the believing and trusting soul, those that confidently receive from My loving hand.  The intellectuals go away dejected because they cannot understand My mysteries.  Instead of blindly receiving My gifts, they close their minds to what they cannot perceive in their finite way of reasoning.

          The kingdom of God is made up of little children running eagerly into the arms of their Father.  They do not tarry or delay.  Their hearts dominate their minds.  Their souls lead their bodies.  They love their Father and can’t explain intellectually the reason for it.  Do they need to be able to explain this devotion?  No.  Does the world expect them to explain it rationally?  Yes.  Why?  Because the world denies what it cannot understand.  That is the downfall of the world – pride.  If I can’t understand it, I reject it.

          This is the mind of the earth bound scientist.  Instead of being grateful for the miracle of every breath he is given, in his mind he denies the existence of a Creator because he cannot put God into a formulaic equation.

          How sad!  Pride has stolen man’s eternal joy and happiness.”

Lover of God’s Mysteries


September 27, 2013

          “Daily battles wage a war against the soul.  It is the little things that confound your sensibilities.  The mundane hours of life are filled with constant opportunities to prove your faithfulness to Love.  You will falter and fail continuously, for you are human, yet what matters is how you respond to these times of weakness.

          I desire that you immediately run to Me to ask forgiveness and to beg for grace to rise quickly.  I lovingly and willingly take you into My arms, brush you off, and set you on your feet again.  I forget everything and encourage you to go forward.  I watch you lovingly as you strive to overcome yourself.  I understand your thoughts and feelings, for I also lived in a human body with all of its neediness.  I experienced what you experience daily.  I know the effort it takes to be vigilant at every encounter to do the right thing.  The flesh gets distracted and you must realign yourself constantly as new things are constantly presented to you to accept or reject.  The whole process gets very tiring.  Many souls give up the fight and fall down in weakness, succumbing to the fleshly desires.  The road seems too hard and too long.  They walk away from the battle.

          The souls that stay in close contact with Me are strengthened by My Spirit to go forward valiantly fighting against all that harms the spirit.  Their eye is on the goal – eternity with God.  Their love drives them to excel, to be heroic, to stay the course.  I help them daily, their coach of life, as I reveal to them the strategies of the spiritual realm, the truths to keep them on course.

          The prize is worth the effort.  Nothing can be compared to eternal life with God.  Keep your heart focused on My heart and I will give you the necessary rest stops on the journey.  The end will be glorious.”

Journey Maker


September 25, 2013

          “To call upon Me in your weakness causes Me to run to you eagerly to teach you the ways of God.  To the open and willing heart, all will be revealed.  God desires to share His secrets with His little ones.  He disdains the proud and mighty and seeks out the little ones, the child-like hearts that open themselves to His loving advances.

          The world blinds souls to believe that its glamour is eternal.  It is fading and passing away as we speak.  Your only eternal and lasting possession is your soul hidden within your dying body.  These hands you write with are temporary tools to transcribe My words.  Soon they will deteriorate in a grave and become bones without flesh, immovable and dry.  Your eyes will not be able to see or your ears hear.  They are senses given to you for a very short time, aids to open your soul to God.

          You will stop eating and drinking.  Your body will not be able to move.  The grave steals everything but your soul.  Why does man give so much importance to this decaying body, here today, gone tomorrow?

          My little ones have discovered the treasure hidden in the field, their soul.  They have left all on earth to obtain this precious pearl of great price.  They become oblivious to the body’s demands.  They follow the higher inspirations of the eternal soul. 

          Men of earth, you who prize your temporary houses of clay that enfold you, someday you will be deprived of this covering that has hidden you from God.  It will be destroyed and you will stand naked and exposed before your God.  He will see your soul and how you have adorned it on your earthly journey.  Many will be ashamed in that day.”


September 23, 2013

          “Each day I take your hand and guide you through life’s circumstances.  As each opportunity approaches, I step aside to see if you have learned your lessons well.  If not, we go over the same lesson plan until you make it a part of your being.

          My lessons are lessons of love.  I teach you to respond with My love in every situation at all times.  You grow in love in proportion to your knowledge of God.  God is love.  As you abide in Him, you become love.  When love is the rule of life, there is no law, for love conquers the rigidity of a lawful system of rules and regulations.

          Love teaches you to be obedient, fair, honest in your dealings with others, kind, gentle, generous and magnanimous.  Love teaches you the beauty of obedience.  Obedience is a gift of splendor, yet man rebels when his freedom is curtailed.  He doesn’t yet understand that obedience brings a splendid peace to the soul.  God loves a promptly obedient child that trusts His leading.

          My lessons are love lessons to prepare you for heaven.  Eternity is an eternal love song to God the Father, thankfulness for His grace and mercy to the sons of men.

          Bend your neck beneath My gentle yoke, My people.  This yoke of love will be a necklace of peace to your soul and a diamond studded chain of grace to adorn you forever.”

The Obedient Savior



September 21, 2013

          “A holy life brings God to earth in human form.  A holy life spreads love, peace, and joy everywhere it travels.  A holy life is a window to heaven.  A holy life shines light rays as it walks the earth.  A holy life communicates with God Most High. 

          God reveals Himself to a holy heart.  A holy life is a purified life, a life given over to the Holy Spirit’s training ground.  It is a statue of grace, carved by God’s arm of grace, the Holy Spirit.  God’s sculptor forms the soul into another Christ on earth.

          Holiness is radiant splendor hidden beneath a veil of flesh.  Holy souls look very ordinary to the world, but the angels marvel.  They see beyond the veil of flesh.  They see a son of God living on earth with a coat of armor to hide God’s divinity.

          God lives in a holy soul.  He scans the earth through the eyes of a holy soul searching for goodness and truth.  He nobly walks among the inhabitants of earth healing and blessing in disguise.  The king resides in the body of a pauper.  He is unrecognized and unappreciated in such a humble vessel. 

          God’s charm lies in His humble hiddenness.  He seeks to be found by sincere souls that love Him for Himself alone, not just for His graces and gifts.  He surrounds Himself with little children, those that have seen Him pass by and lovingly follow and obey Him.  They delight in His company.

          God’s humility is manifested through His ordinary and holy children, unknown to men but well-known in heaven, those souls that love God with all their hearts.”

Lover of Holy Hearts




September 13, 2013

          “Animals love instinctively and unconditionally.  They fulfill the will of God intuitively.  They are not greedy or hateful, pushy or discontent.  They do not strive for the highest position or mope in self-pity.  Animals do not possess the reasoning of a man’s mind.  They function exactly where God has placed them with no complaint or thought.

          If only man could be as content, pliable, and obedient as the animal kingdom!  Man’s mind causes him to rebel against his lot in life.  His reasoning process keeps him restless and fearful.  His thoughts cause him to stray from God’s path for him.  Sin starts in the mind and then is transferred to the bodily members.  Your thoughts determine your destiny.  See how important it is to pay attention to what you are thinking about at any given moment! 

          You must introduce God into each of your thought moments on earth.  When your mind strays to earthly distractions, become aware of the shift.  You lose your peace and serenity.  You become troubled and confused.  These are the times that you must cry out to Me asking for help to reestablish My reign in your thoughts. The world introduces millions of thoughts to you daily.  Distractions are everywhere.  You fight off one distraction and another one is waiting to replace it.  The only way to win this battle is to stop to take an assessment of your life.  Most people never in a lifetime examine their life.  They are on automatic power, rushing form one thing to the next.  They have no inner knowledge of how they are actually living day to day.  If they could see themselves on a screen, they would be extremely surprised.
          I ask souls to stop, to be still to let Me show them how they are doing, to let Me teach them how to live the life of heaven on earth.  Life will change for them if they but listen to My voice.  I will bring peace, joy, serenity, comfort, and a holy boldness to their day.  Their eyes will be opened to the eternal and what is most lasting. 
          How few the meditative souls!  What a pity!  Only one life – will you stop to learn how to live it?

Time Holder

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

September 2, 2014

          “Heavenly inspirations lay dormant in the heart of a soul engaged in worldly pursuits.  In order to hear My voice clearly, you must disengage from the trivial things of life, things of no lasting endurance.  You can say:  “What is this in the light of eternity?”  So many useless activities will fall by the wayside when your goal of sanctity is meditated upon.

          Quietness, prayer, meditation, solitude – highway markers to sanctity.  Only the silence can open up the will of God to you most clearly.  You are guided daily by My Spirit within you, but to enter the courts of heaven, you must be silent, watching and waiting.

          God is the eternally Silent One.  He gives, He protects, He guides, He loves, yet He is silent.  He is silent in hearts, silent in the Tabernacle, silent in the winds of earth.  His silence is His meekness, for if He uttered one word on earth, all could be annihilated.  Yet in His loving silence, He embraces all that he has created, lovingly guarding and protecting the tiniest creation.

          To understand the heart of God is the science of the saints.  They knew His heart.  That is why they sacrificed everything for Him.  They fell in love with the heart of God.  They loved Him to the death of themselves.

          There is no higher motive for living than to become God’s friend, to understand His heart.  He reveals Himself to the little ones, those most pure and humble, the children in heart.

          Pride has barred the gates to the knowledge of the humble heart of God.  No proud person can stand in His presence.  God chooses the weak of this world to live in His presence.  He gives them His strength to endure.

          Come into the heart of God, little ones.  Let Him reveal Himself to you.  He is not hiding from you; you are hiding from Him.  Renounce the world for your Creator, your Father who lovingly and patiently awaits you.”

Jesus, the Heart of God

August 21, 2013

          “My gentle hand caresses My faithful ones, those who come before Me with words of love on their lips and in their hearts.  How little do the men of earth think of Me or speak to Me!  I provide everything for them yet I am the eternally forgotten one.  No word of thanks, no acknowledgement of My watchcare, no sighs in the night for the eternal … only a continual running here and there upon the earth, arriving nowhere.

          I have told My souls on earth to find Me in solitude, for there I speak the loudest.  I am the eternally silent God of this beautiful creation, only revealing Myself in the shadows and night shades.  Those that come to Me in the silent pauses of this hectic life shall surely come to know the meaning of their existence.  Wisdom is learned sitting silently in My presence.  I come to those who seek Me earnestly and fervently, those that lose their lives to find them eternally in Me.

          How few and far between are the saints taken from the masses of souls created!  Numberless men and women have journeyed through life never acknowledging their Creator or the reason for their existence.  Like the beasts of earth, they come and go like a flash in the night.  Their lives were meaningless and empty, littered with toys, games, and pleasures that gave them nothing in return.  What regrets they had when they stepped out of this life past the threshold of time into eternity!

          A saint is made by loving Me.  A saint forgets himself and his desires to seek out his Creator.  A saint becomes holy by gazing on My face as he steps through time, eager to please Me in all things, ready to sacrifice everything for what is real and eternal.

          Moments alone with Me bring our wills into union and we become one.  We become eternal friends.”

Saint Creator


August 7, 2014

          “Silence will lead you to holiness.   “Be still and know that I AM God.”  Only in the silence am I truly free to transform you into My image, to share My secrets with you.  I am alone in My thoughts as souls have run away to do other things, tangible things with obvious results.  I am the God of the obscurity of faith.  My paths are nebulous and cloudy, like the cloud of unknowing.  It takes a strong and courageous heart of faith to follow Me on to the obscure path of silence.  The senses cry out for stimulation.  The silence is difficult to endure, yet this is where I endure – in the silence.

          My weaned souls understand the annihilation of silence.  Through self-discipline and desire they have died to self-demands.  They seek a heavenly country beyond the realm of thoughts and ideas.  It is an experiential silence which opens the shutters of heaven’s windows.  Most souls peek over the threshold.  Silent souls make a daring entrance, for they enter in God’s way, in the silence of eternal mind.

          Run away from noise and I will open My heart to you.  I promise.”

Silent Lover of Your Soul

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 15, 2013

           “Come away from the world.  Sit alone quietly before Me.  Let Me teach you My truths.  I will lead you in peaceful paths.  I will show you the secret to righteous living.  “Come to Me to be saved, all the ends of the earth.”  Saved from what?  Saved from the world’s system which would like to destroy your soul.  I seek to make men holy, righteous, sacred in their duties, merciful, kind, compassionate, and forgiving.  I prepare him for heaven’s beauty.  The world seeks fleshly and sensual pleasures that leave the body numb to holiness.  Men hurt each other, war against each other, selfishly pursue their own interests to the detriment of others, ignore the children and put them to death, glamorize the sinful, proud souls and on and on I could speak.  The sin of the world is nauseating to Me and I turn away in disgust, especially from those who know the right way but refuse to follow it.

          So few prayerful, holy, self-sacrificing souls live on the earth in these last days.  Only a remnant prepared by My Father to “save as by fire” those plucked from the flames of hell.  These souls are hidden away, being prepared by the Holy Spirit for the final battle.  They have no outward marks on them to identify them as God’s warriors, but they are the souls faithfully refuting the sinful ways of the world, refusing to comply with unrighteous deeds.

          They are looked upon askance by a world obsessed with beauty and glamour.  Their attributes are hidden from the eyes of men.  They commune with their God in their prayer closets, supplicating for the souls of men.

          Things are not what they seem.  The hidden shall be revealed, the proud shall be obscured, the weak shall be the leaders, the strong shall falter in weakness.

          God’s ways are not your ways, O man.  If they were, you would have been annihilated unmercifully.  God is Father.  He is Love.  He constantly gives you opportunities to repent.  O prodigal sons of earth, return to your Father.  He awaits you with open arms.”

Jesus, Savior

July 13, 2013

          “Day after day, life comes and goes.  Your life span is so short in the light of eternity.  As a grain of sand on an isolated beach, so is man’s life on this earth.  Things are not what they seem.  Beyond the skies are realms unknown to man, beyond his comprehension.

          I created My little dust man to show forth My wisdom and glory to the eternal world, a world beyond thought.  I revealed My love and My face to the angelic choirs in a way unknown to them.  They recoiled at the thought of such condescension.  Many of them left their angelic choirs to pursue the path of prideful disobedience.  In My humility, I created a man made of dust.  With all My heart, I gave Myself to this man.  I gave him woman, a companion to light up his life.  I nurtured and cherished these little souls in My beautiful garden of love.  My little dust man was deceived and disobeyed My rule of life.  It was My test of love for him.

          In My distress, he was separated from My holiness, but My plan to redeem him consoled My heart.  I long for love returned from a pure and willing heart.  Free will is My gift to man.  And so I waited through the centuries for that special moment to return to earth in a dust body to share earth’s dilemma with man.

          I lived as a man of dust with the heart of an omnipotent God.  I shared man’s sorrows, joys, and limitations.  My love compelled Me to leap from heaven to earth for him.  I gave him everything, even My lifeblood to complete the redemption plan to restore our severed relationship.

          I opened the door to My heavenly garden again.  It had been closed and locked for centuries.  My door has been open for thousands of years, but very few dust men seek to enter My garden.



July 10, 2013

          “The gentleness of God would astound the harsh world.  God creates kittens; man creates bombs to kill and destroy.  God creates the gentle winds, the delicate snowflakes, the majestic snowcaps; man creates filthy movies, weapons to hurt the glorious body that God has created so lovingly.

          God whispers softly in the soul with gentle and persuasive words of love; man hurls insults and blasphemies back to God.  God gives precious gifts and graces unceasingly upon the most hardened and arrogant souls; man hoards his material acquisitions and greedily steals from the poor and needy.

          God forgives a repentant soul; man refuses to forgive the least offense.  God offers His helping hand to man in every circumstance of life; man turns away quickly, acting as though he has no eyes to see.  God offers man tranquility, serenity, and peace; man prefers noise, agitation and ambitious undertakings that forget the soul within.

          God is so patient with man, waiting for man to see the error of his ways; there is no second chance with man.  Once he is offended, he refuses to forgive to restore the relationship.

          God is beauty; man prefers to destroy his body by unhealthy lifestyles and marks of evil printed on his skin.  God is pure love; man chooses hatred and scorn.

          God’s ways are so much higher than man’s ways.  He longs to change the heart of man into His heart of pure love.  The heart is than supernaturalized and divinized and the man then exhibits God’s virtues and gracious nature.

          O man, change your selfish heart into God’s beautiful, loving heart.  You have the opportunity for such a great exchange.  God is the fountain of life.  Come to His fountain to drink and you will be changed.”

Lover of God


July 4, 2013

          “My wisdom crowns the heart of a child.  His purity, innocence and simplicity show the world the heart of God, the Eternal Child in the heavens.  The kingdom of heaven is filled with laughing children that play in the presence of God.  They are simple.  They live to love God.

          Heaven opens to the children.  They line the halls of heaven, singing joyfully to their loving Father who fulfills all their needs.  The angels gather the children together, introducing them to God’s grandeur and their heavenly home.  All is well in this kingdom of light and love.

          This heavenly aura comes to earth to replenish the famished hearts of men.  It is seen fleetingly in all its beauty, but the eyes of men are veiled to heaven’s reality.  The imaginary world of the children is the world of heaven.  Slowly the children outgrow this beautiful world and they lose sight of God’s face.

          Jesus exhorted the world, “Become a little child, for only children enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Only the pure, the innocent, the simple, the defenseless, the loving heart of a child will enter the kingdom of God.

          God loves children.  Jesus embraced the children.  Satan wants to kill the children and he is succeeding.  Oh, the sadness in heaven over the death of a child of earth … Heaven receives these souls joyfully, but God is hurt and wounded by the rejection of His loving gift of life.

          The children have stolen God’s heart, O proud men of earth.”

The Holy Spirit of Life


July 1, 2013

          “Holiness is astounding to mortal man.  His eyes are veiled from eternal realities.  He lives by his animal instincts with no thought for his eternal soul.  A holy soul is a puzzle to an ambitious person.  Holy souls do not strive for earthly goals.  They are not of this earth; therefore, the things of earth do not appeal to them.  A holy soul is a soul in love with God.  This love has captured his heart and all his decisions are based on this relationship.  He is detached from temporal values or opinions.  He interacts with his fellow men in accordance to God’s directives.

          Holiness is fleeting in this world of sensual living.  An ascetic life is scorned and spurned, cast out as odd, while the heavenly hosts admire and lovingly behold these children of God separated from worldliness and sensuality.

          The way of the Lord is the narrow road that leads upward to heaven, daily separated from worldly desires.  The broad way of earthly contentment is filled with hordes of souls living only for each day’s pleasure and enjoyment.

          When I return to earth, will I find the faith and commitment that I have desired of My true disciples?  Many fall by the wayside, never having made a decision one way or the other.  These are the lukewarm souls with one foot in heaven and the rest of the body on earth.  Their lack of commitment bars them from true communion with Me.  They will live a very hollow life with little substance or meaning.  They mean well, but they have missed the mark of true discipleship, walking with God on earth.

          Heaven grieves for these deceived ones.  Their deception is their belief that they will live forever on this decaying earth.  Their earthly treasures will return to the dust with which they were created.

          Give God the joy of total abandonment to His will.  Let Him do with you as he pleases.  He is omnipotent.”

God’s Son of Love

June 5, 2013

          “To live in silence on a noisy earth is a feat rarely accomplished, even among the most established saints.  Noise is everywhere.  Nature beckons you into the silence, but the noisy and restless world prevails against your serenity.  My chosen souls hide themselves away from the noise and distraction of the world to foster their relationship in silence with the majestic God who reigns in an eternal silence.

          God is above and beyond the noise of mortal man.  He is to be found in the silent realm of eternal thought.  To live in His silence, you must live your life “hidden with Christ in God,” always seeking what brings the most silence into your daily life.

          Turn off all electronic devices.  Sit alone with your heart exposed to the silence, the nothingness you fear.  Man is afraid of the silence.  He doesn’t know what he will find when he is not distracted by the noise of life.

          Saints are formed in the silent pauses of life.  The light of heaven can stream into the heart of a quiet and weaned soul.  Refuse to talk incessantly just to fill space.  Be silent.  Let the pauses feel awkward.  Learn to be comfortable without a constant flow of words.

          The greatest saints measure their words carefully.  They do not spew words out carelessly.  They examine the intent of each word, for truly man will be judged by each word uttered on earth.  A talkative soul will have much trouble in life.  Saintly souls are silent.  Like nature, they exist for God’s glory without the use of words, the invention of man to communicate.

          Only God can grant you the great gift of silence.  Ask and you shall receive.”

Holy Spirit,
Lover of a Silent Soul