Tuesday, July 8, 2014

September 29, 2013

          “I reveal My secrets to My littlest children.  They do not question or doubt Me.  They listen and believe.  Those that are grown up intellectualize, rationalize, and dissect My teachings, stripping them of their purity and beauty.

          The littlest ones receive My food as a bird in the nest.  They do not examine the food or dissect each particle.  They gulp the food down in one swallow, eagerly waiting for more.

          Trust is the framework of love.  It is the edifice that supports belief.  I freely give to the believing and trusting soul, those that confidently receive from My loving hand.  The intellectuals go away dejected because they cannot understand My mysteries.  Instead of blindly receiving My gifts, they close their minds to what they cannot perceive in their finite way of reasoning.

          The kingdom of God is made up of little children running eagerly into the arms of their Father.  They do not tarry or delay.  Their hearts dominate their minds.  Their souls lead their bodies.  They love their Father and can’t explain intellectually the reason for it.  Do they need to be able to explain this devotion?  No.  Does the world expect them to explain it rationally?  Yes.  Why?  Because the world denies what it cannot understand.  That is the downfall of the world – pride.  If I can’t understand it, I reject it.

          This is the mind of the earth bound scientist.  Instead of being grateful for the miracle of every breath he is given, in his mind he denies the existence of a Creator because he cannot put God into a formulaic equation.

          How sad!  Pride has stolen man’s eternal joy and happiness.”

Lover of God’s Mysteries


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