Tuesday, July 8, 2014

September 27, 2013

          “Daily battles wage a war against the soul.  It is the little things that confound your sensibilities.  The mundane hours of life are filled with constant opportunities to prove your faithfulness to Love.  You will falter and fail continuously, for you are human, yet what matters is how you respond to these times of weakness.

          I desire that you immediately run to Me to ask forgiveness and to beg for grace to rise quickly.  I lovingly and willingly take you into My arms, brush you off, and set you on your feet again.  I forget everything and encourage you to go forward.  I watch you lovingly as you strive to overcome yourself.  I understand your thoughts and feelings, for I also lived in a human body with all of its neediness.  I experienced what you experience daily.  I know the effort it takes to be vigilant at every encounter to do the right thing.  The flesh gets distracted and you must realign yourself constantly as new things are constantly presented to you to accept or reject.  The whole process gets very tiring.  Many souls give up the fight and fall down in weakness, succumbing to the fleshly desires.  The road seems too hard and too long.  They walk away from the battle.

          The souls that stay in close contact with Me are strengthened by My Spirit to go forward valiantly fighting against all that harms the spirit.  Their eye is on the goal – eternity with God.  Their love drives them to excel, to be heroic, to stay the course.  I help them daily, their coach of life, as I reveal to them the strategies of the spiritual realm, the truths to keep them on course.

          The prize is worth the effort.  Nothing can be compared to eternal life with God.  Keep your heart focused on My heart and I will give you the necessary rest stops on the journey.  The end will be glorious.”

Journey Maker


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