Tuesday, July 8, 2014

September 23, 2013

          “Each day I take your hand and guide you through life’s circumstances.  As each opportunity approaches, I step aside to see if you have learned your lessons well.  If not, we go over the same lesson plan until you make it a part of your being.

          My lessons are lessons of love.  I teach you to respond with My love in every situation at all times.  You grow in love in proportion to your knowledge of God.  God is love.  As you abide in Him, you become love.  When love is the rule of life, there is no law, for love conquers the rigidity of a lawful system of rules and regulations.

          Love teaches you to be obedient, fair, honest in your dealings with others, kind, gentle, generous and magnanimous.  Love teaches you the beauty of obedience.  Obedience is a gift of splendor, yet man rebels when his freedom is curtailed.  He doesn’t yet understand that obedience brings a splendid peace to the soul.  God loves a promptly obedient child that trusts His leading.

          My lessons are love lessons to prepare you for heaven.  Eternity is an eternal love song to God the Father, thankfulness for His grace and mercy to the sons of men.

          Bend your neck beneath My gentle yoke, My people.  This yoke of love will be a necklace of peace to your soul and a diamond studded chain of grace to adorn you forever.”

The Obedient Savior



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