Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 4, 2014

          “To one who spends time alone with Me I reveal Myself.  I am an unknown God because the masses ignore My existence.  So very few souls have been enlightened in spirit enough to dedicate their lives to God’s hidden realm of light.

          My grace falls like rain on every soul living.  Very few souls respond to the grace of complete fidelity and a life-long commitment to seek the face of God.  God is in the silent encounter, but who becomes silent in this agitated world?

          Chosen souls find their way to the silent encounter.  They dedicate every moment to this seeking of the infinite.  These are the wise builders that build a beautiful edifice brick by brick, moment by silent moment, face to face alone with God.  This is a life of sacrifice to earthly pleasures.  Spirit is subject to the flesh.  The spirit makes the decision to deny the flesh earthly ambitions.  These wise souls are amassing treasures of glory that will surround them eternally.  The more humble their downward ascent, the higher their position near their blessed God eternally.

          No sacrifice is too great to inherit eternal rewards.  The greatest reward is God’s radiant smile, His voice saying, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

          Wake up, children of earth.  Perceive what is eternal.  Throw away earthly toys and distractions which put chains around your soul.  Your eternity awaits your response.”

God’s Face on Earth

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