Tuesday, July 8, 2014

September 25, 2013

          “To call upon Me in your weakness causes Me to run to you eagerly to teach you the ways of God.  To the open and willing heart, all will be revealed.  God desires to share His secrets with His little ones.  He disdains the proud and mighty and seeks out the little ones, the child-like hearts that open themselves to His loving advances.

          The world blinds souls to believe that its glamour is eternal.  It is fading and passing away as we speak.  Your only eternal and lasting possession is your soul hidden within your dying body.  These hands you write with are temporary tools to transcribe My words.  Soon they will deteriorate in a grave and become bones without flesh, immovable and dry.  Your eyes will not be able to see or your ears hear.  They are senses given to you for a very short time, aids to open your soul to God.

          You will stop eating and drinking.  Your body will not be able to move.  The grave steals everything but your soul.  Why does man give so much importance to this decaying body, here today, gone tomorrow?

          My little ones have discovered the treasure hidden in the field, their soul.  They have left all on earth to obtain this precious pearl of great price.  They become oblivious to the body’s demands.  They follow the higher inspirations of the eternal soul. 

          Men of earth, you who prize your temporary houses of clay that enfold you, someday you will be deprived of this covering that has hidden you from God.  It will be destroyed and you will stand naked and exposed before your God.  He will see your soul and how you have adorned it on your earthly journey.  Many will be ashamed in that day.”


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