Wednesday, July 2, 2014

August 21, 2013

          “My gentle hand caresses My faithful ones, those who come before Me with words of love on their lips and in their hearts.  How little do the men of earth think of Me or speak to Me!  I provide everything for them yet I am the eternally forgotten one.  No word of thanks, no acknowledgement of My watchcare, no sighs in the night for the eternal … only a continual running here and there upon the earth, arriving nowhere.

          I have told My souls on earth to find Me in solitude, for there I speak the loudest.  I am the eternally silent God of this beautiful creation, only revealing Myself in the shadows and night shades.  Those that come to Me in the silent pauses of this hectic life shall surely come to know the meaning of their existence.  Wisdom is learned sitting silently in My presence.  I come to those who seek Me earnestly and fervently, those that lose their lives to find them eternally in Me.

          How few and far between are the saints taken from the masses of souls created!  Numberless men and women have journeyed through life never acknowledging their Creator or the reason for their existence.  Like the beasts of earth, they come and go like a flash in the night.  Their lives were meaningless and empty, littered with toys, games, and pleasures that gave them nothing in return.  What regrets they had when they stepped out of this life past the threshold of time into eternity!

          A saint is made by loving Me.  A saint forgets himself and his desires to seek out his Creator.  A saint becomes holy by gazing on My face as he steps through time, eager to please Me in all things, ready to sacrifice everything for what is real and eternal.

          Moments alone with Me bring our wills into union and we become one.  We become eternal friends.”

Saint Creator


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