Wednesday, July 2, 2014

September 2, 2014

          “Heavenly inspirations lay dormant in the heart of a soul engaged in worldly pursuits.  In order to hear My voice clearly, you must disengage from the trivial things of life, things of no lasting endurance.  You can say:  “What is this in the light of eternity?”  So many useless activities will fall by the wayside when your goal of sanctity is meditated upon.

          Quietness, prayer, meditation, solitude – highway markers to sanctity.  Only the silence can open up the will of God to you most clearly.  You are guided daily by My Spirit within you, but to enter the courts of heaven, you must be silent, watching and waiting.

          God is the eternally Silent One.  He gives, He protects, He guides, He loves, yet He is silent.  He is silent in hearts, silent in the Tabernacle, silent in the winds of earth.  His silence is His meekness, for if He uttered one word on earth, all could be annihilated.  Yet in His loving silence, He embraces all that he has created, lovingly guarding and protecting the tiniest creation.

          To understand the heart of God is the science of the saints.  They knew His heart.  That is why they sacrificed everything for Him.  They fell in love with the heart of God.  They loved Him to the death of themselves.

          There is no higher motive for living than to become God’s friend, to understand His heart.  He reveals Himself to the little ones, those most pure and humble, the children in heart.

          Pride has barred the gates to the knowledge of the humble heart of God.  No proud person can stand in His presence.  God chooses the weak of this world to live in His presence.  He gives them His strength to endure.

          Come into the heart of God, little ones.  Let Him reveal Himself to you.  He is not hiding from you; you are hiding from Him.  Renounce the world for your Creator, your Father who lovingly and patiently awaits you.”

Jesus, the Heart of God

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